Assassins Creed Ezio Plushie

For those that have played the Assassins Creed series of games, this is a big-headed plushie based on the protagonist Ezio. In the games […]

Woman Remote Control

Remote controller to mute your girlfriend/wife. This is a really funny idea and a great gag gift for men. It can also be a […]

Funny Computer Key Caps

These caps go over your computer keyboards keys so that instead of ‘escape’ you may have a ‘panic’ button. There are a few variations […]

Just Married Sandals

These are a great gift idea for the newly married bride. They are simply sandals that leave a ‘just married’ imprint in the dirt […]

Wolverine Plushie Doll

There are of course all sorts of other Marvel and X-men plushies, but Wolverine is the best simply because it is the least likely […]

Hillary Clinton Nutcracker

Hilarious Hillary Clinton Nutcracker that actually does work. Hillary Clinton cracks nuts between her thighs, the doll does as well.  

Dragged Wedding Cake Topper

For the wedding where the groom had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the alter, this humorous wedding cake topper is a great […]

Hunger Games Barbie Doll

Hunger games inspired Barbie doll. Yes, this item really exists. I think it is more meant to be a collector’s item than anything else, […]

Zelda Twilight Princess Sword

A replica of the sword from the game Zelda: Twilight¬†Princess. This is actually a metal blade, though of course not very sharp, and is […]

Knuckle Duster Coffee Mug

A coffee mug with a knuckle duster grip handle. Ever since you were young you have always wanted to mix coffee and fist-fighting, but […]

Maternity Mug

This clever mug is shaped like a pregnant woman with her hands on her back. It is a very clear, elegant design. This makes […]

Electric Shock Lighter

Like an electric shock pen, this lighter shocks the person who tries to use it. When someone asks for a lighter, hand them this […]

The Big Bang Theory Singing Soft Kitty

This singing toy sings the “soft kitty, warm kitty” song that Sheldon demands Penny sing to him when he is sick. A must-have item […]

The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Cooper Cardboard

For fans of The Big Bang Theory here is a life-size cardboard version of Sheldon Cooper. This is a great gift idea for fans […]

Keyboard Tie

For the computer geeks out there this tie is perfect. For those that are completely blind, the material is colored to look like a […]

Love Never Dies Skeletons

Kissing skeletons. Yes, kissing skeletons. Its a little bit morbid, but definitely different. A good Halloween item or even something goth-types might be interested […]

Shakespearean Insults Coffee Mug

This coffee mug is surrounded by Shakespearean insults and is the perfect gift for English teachers, English literature students or even academics. It mixes […]

Civil War Chess Set

Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davies as king and queen for the union with Jefferson Davis and Ulysses Grant as king and queen of the […]

Kramer Painting Poster

A print of the painting of Kramer from Seinfeld. A great thing to buy for fans of the Seinfeld series.  

Runaway Bridge Wedding Cake Topper

For the reluctant bride this wedding cake topper is perfect, even if only for the engagement party. A fun idea for a wedding related […]

Angry Birds Blue

The Blue Bird from the Angry Birds game. In the game this is the bird that can split into three copies of itself. It […]

Minecraft Diamond Pendant

This pendant designed in the shape of diamonds from the hit game Minecraft is a great gift idea for fans of the games. For […]

Minecraft Note Cube

Paper notes in the form of a Minecraft block of stone (iron I think?), this is a cool gift idea for the desk of […]

3 Person Chess Board

Now you can play chess with this three person chess board. Overall it probably denies the point behind chess which is really more of […]

Harry Potter Gryffindor Scarf

Gryffindor! This is the scarf members of House Gryffindor wear in the Harry Potter series of films and features the house colors alongside a […]



Ball and Chain Wedding Cake Topper

Hilarious wedding cake topper that features a groom with a ball and chain and the bride with the key. This is obviously more of […]

Gun Coffee Mug

Awesome, guns and coffee. This gun mug features the back end of a handgun as the handle.

Fail Stamper

This simple stamper allows you to stamp the word ‘fail’ on basically anything. For fans of sites like FailBlog, this is a great thing […]

No Button

When you press this button it says “No!” using ten different samples of the word. The idea is that you can press it to […]

High Heel Scotch Tape Dispenser

A tape dispenser in the shape of a high heel shoe, this is a great gimmicky gift for the shoe lovers out there and […]

WTF Stamp

Express your confusion clearly for all to read with this great stamp. It can work surprisingly well in a more casual work environment to […]

Ice Cube Hand Guns

We all know and agree that there needs to be more guns in the world, so it only makes sense to start turning water […]

Desktop Handheld Holder

A desktop handheld holder in the shape of hands. The build itself is high quality and this is a legitimately good item. It can […]



B Movie Victims Toys

Action figures based on low grade horror cliches. There is the woman that tripped, the tough guy and even the parents. These are a […]

DaVinci Aerial Screw Model

A replica model of Leonardo DaVinci’s aerial screw flying machine. This is one of the flying machines that DaVinci invented, though in reality it […]

Harry Potter Time Turner

A replica of the Time Turner from Harry Potter. In the film this allows characters to travel back in time by turning the device. […]

Game Boy iPhone Case

Classic Game Boy styled case for the iPhone 4 that helps protect it and keep it safe. For those that remember the original Game […]

Fleeing Bride Wedding Cake Topper

The perfect wedding cake topper for the reluctant bride. This wedding cake topper features a bride being dragged back to the wedding by the […]

Freud Action Figure

A Sigmund Freud action figure at last! It even includes a cigar that may or may not just be a cigar.¬†A perfect gift for […]

Fleeing Groom Wedding Cake Topper

This comedy wedding cake topper is great for weddings or even parties leading up to them. It features a groom fleeing from his bride […]