Angry Birds Red

This Anger Bird plushie is based off the hit game Angry Birds and is a fairly high quality product overall. This is the officially […]

Uranium Ore

Actual Uranium Ore that you can buy on Amazon. On a technical level this is actually a very small amount of depleted Uranium so […]

The Elder Wand

A replica of the Elder Wand from Harry Potter, which is also the wand that Dumbledore uses and much later in the series of […]

Leonardo DaVinci Tank Model

This is an accurate model of Leonardo DaVinci’s tank, which he designed a blue print for. It does not have anything in the way […]

World of Warcraft Horde Banner

A real life banner with the Symbol of the Horde army from World of Warcraft. This is a great gift for anyone who is […]

Blood Bag Energy Drink

Fruity energy drink that has similar coloring and consistency to blood and is stored in a blood bag-like container. This is a great idea […]

Duff Beer Energy Drink

Duff Beer from The Simpsons that is perfect for children to drink as it is just an energy drink. It doubles as a great […]

Infinity Mirror Candle Box

This box basically reflects the light from a candle back and forth repeatedly, creating the illusion that there are many candles that continue to […]

Google Android Collectible

Google Android Collectible figure for fans of the Google Android operating system that is used on many modern smart phones. It has moveable arms […]


An NCIS Cap like the ones DiNozzo and company wear on the show (does Gibbs ever wear his?). This is a good quality item […]

Pokemon Ash Hat

Become a Pokemon trainer with this Ash Ketchum Pokemon hat. The ‘L’ on the hat stands for League, namely the Pokemon League which Ash […]

Dripping Blood Choker

This choker is made to resemble a sliced neck and is definitely a cool idea for a Halloween fashion accessory. Features: It looks like […]

Captain America Shield

The shield used by Captain America from the Avengers film. This shield is the most positively reviewed version of this item that I could […]

Castaway Wilson Volleyball

The official Wilson Volleyball from the Tom Hank’s film Castaway. This item has received amazingly positive reviews on Amazon, with an average of five […]

hannibal Lecter Face Mask

Hannibal Lecter face mask that you might recall from the film Silence of the Lambs. It was specifically used in the scene where Hannibal […]


The puzzle box from the Hellraiser horror films. For those that have not seen the film this box opens the way to a kind […]

Shotglass Ice Cube Tray

Make your own shot-glasses out of ice or even jolly ranchers with this Cool Shooters shot-glass ice cube tray that allows you to make shotglasses out of ice. […]

Dwight Schrute Bobblehead

The Official Dwight Schrute Bobblehead and apparently NBC’s best selling item, this Bobblehead featured prominently in the Office as Angela gave Dwight one just […]

Gandalf's Broach

This broach is a replica of that worn by Gandalf in Lord of the Rings to clasp his cloak around himself. While it is […]

Arwen Evenstar Necklace

Replica of Arwen’s evenstar necklace which she gives to Aragorn as a sign of her love and commitment to him. This particular item is a high […]

The One Ring

The One Ring from Lord of the Rings, this is a great gift for Tolkien lovers and is one of the better quality Lord […]

Space Invaders Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and Pepper shakers based on the old retro Space Invaders game. These designs are based on the aliens that slowly descend down the […]

iPhone Apps Shower Curtain

This iPhone shower curtain is based on the app menu for Apple’s iPhone series of smart phones. For people that absolutely love Apple products […]

Periodic Table Shower Curtain

The perfect shower curtain for science geeks out there, this periodic table shower curtain includes lanthanides and actinides so will not invite sneers from the […]

Valve Portal Companion Cube

The companion cube from Portal in Plushie form. There are some great gaming plushie toys around and this is one of them. Perfect for […]




This is a plushie of the headcrab from half life that also serves as a hat. For those that have not played the games, […]

Alien Chestburster Plushie

Chest-burster plushie from the Alien film. The chest-burster scene is probably one of the most iconic and memorable scenes in the film. The toy […]

Facehugger Plushie

Alien Facehugger plushie that is one of the coolest gift ideas ever. It is always great to come across interesting items to buy and […]

Silver PlayStation Cufflink

PlayStation Controller shaped cuff-links made of 0.925 sterling silver. These are a high quality gaming jewelry item and a cool idea for the professional with a […]

Playstation Controller Cufflinks

Cuff-links that are made in the form of PlayStation controllers, these are a really cool gift idea for any gamers around and are discrete […]

USB Plasma Ball

We’ve all seen plasma balls, but this one is powered by your computers USB port and is also nice and cheap. A really cool […]

Balancing Bird

This toy bird balances on its beak in an odd way, with the rest of its body hanging suspended in the air. It works […]

Whisky Stones

Keep your drink cold without watering it down with these whisky soap stones. A great gift for the hard liquor enthusiasts or just to […]



Newtons Cradle

This is hardly a new invention but remains a fun one. What better desk decoration than Newton’s Cradle?

Minecraft Foam Sword

Slay those Creepers with this foam Minecraft sword. It has a very high-quality and sturdy build, a great item for Minecraft fans.

Salvador Dali Melting Clock

This clock is a joke based on global warming, the idea being that in 2320 the clocks will literally be melting. It also has […]


Lego candy mold that enables you to make building blocks out of candy and chocolate. These are great for children’s birthdays, where you can […]

Zenith Last Tsar Watch

The Zenith Academy Last Tsar watch is the epitome of luxury with a rose gold case, leather crocodile strap and a dial window crafted […]

Gingerdead Men

These Gingerdead Men cookie cutters allow you to cut skeleton Gingerbread men. Then you just fill in the indentation of the bones with icing […]

Minecraft Pickaxe

The perfect product for the minecraft lover, this is a replica of the pickaxe from the breakout game Minecraft. Despite its foam construction it […]