Glow in the Dark xBox 360 Controller

Glowing xBox 360 Controller Skin that lights up in the dark so you can see the buttons clearly and find it in a dark […]

Green Glow in the Dark Paint

Green glow in the dark paint that you can paint onto most any surface including metal surfacers. Its functional use is to paint dangerous […]

Hand Powered iPhone Charger

Hand powered iPhone charger that you can use to charge your iPhone simply by turning the crank in a circle. Works on basically any […]

Periodic Table Building Blocks

Get these wooden periodic table building blocks for your children to help them get an early start in the sciences or just for the […]

Twin Hearts iPhone 4 Case

Twin Hearts iPhone 4 case where each represents one half of a heart and perhaps the black and white represents Yin/Yang or masculine and […]

iPhone 4 Melted Ice Cream Case

Pink ice cream case for the iPhone 4 that looks like melting ice cream is dripping down the back and front. Pretty sweet design […]

iPad Speaker Booster

Clip on iPad Speaker Booster that clips easily onto your iPad to enhance the sound of the inbuilt speaker. The natural acoustics of the […]

Shot Glass Checkers

Shot glass checkers perfect to get drunk with. Each time someone checks one of your pieces you have to drink it as a shot. […]

Rainbow Shower Head

Rainbow Shower Head with LED lights in every color of the rainbow. A wonderful item to spruce up your shower and impress guests with […]

Minecraft Grass iPhone Case

Minecraft Grass iPhone Case in the shape of a grassy block from the game Minecraft. A great little accessory for fans of the game […]

Light Fountain Speakers

Light fountain speakers with LED lights and a liquid inside that lights up as it plays. As the speakers play the liquid bounces around […]

Tokidoki iPhone Dust Plug

Tokidoki iPhone Dust Plug for 3.5 mm headphone jacks, including iPhone and HTC phones. Basically any phone with the typical 3.5 mm headphone port. […]

iPhone Telescope

This little telescope for iPhone 4/5 allows you to zoom in and take pictures of things you just cannot get close to, such as […]

Stackable Measuring Cups Set

The ultimate set of stackable measuring cups to measure basically any quantity you would need then stack away efficiently together so they do not […]

iPhone Pink Rose Dust Plug

iPhone dust plug in the shape of a pink rose perfect for romantics and girls alike. Makes a fun gift for Valentine’s Day as […]

Motorbike Wedding Cake Topper

Motorbike Wedding Cake Topper featuring the groom driving a motorbike and the bride on the back. A great idea for a cycling couple or […]

Pillow with Hoodie

Pillow with an in-built hoodie to keep you warm while you listen to music and such. The truth is I have no real idea […]

iPhone 4 Case for Babies

iPhone 4 Case for Babies to play educational games on. A very strange idea but actually not such a bad one as many parents […]

Minecraft Pickaxe Stylus

Stylus in the shape of a pickaxe from the Minecraft games perfect for playing the mobile version of Minecraft with. You can use the […]

Rice Cube Maker

Rice cube maker great for sushi and the like. Using this neat device you can make rice cubes easily and efficiently. Features: Rice cube […]

Robotic Masseuse Car

This robotic masseuse car drives around on your back to massage you. Quite a clever idea and certainly one of the stranger gadgets around, even […]

Ultimate Swiss Army Knife

Ultimate Swiss army knife with no less than 87 different implements to solve any situation you are likely to encounter, including preparing and cleaning […]

Avatar Tree of Life Seed Lights

Avatar Tree of Life seed lights that really look very cool. If you have seen the film Avatar, these little lights are basically the […]

Infinity Mirror Candle Holder

Infinity mirror candle holder that reflects the two candles placed in it to infinite. It works by reflecting the image between two mirrors, back […]

Iron Man Reactor USB Necklace

Iron Man reactor USB necklace based on the device worn by Tony Stark in the Iron Man films. Basically this reactor powers the Iron […]



Black Playing Cards

Black playing cards that are entirely black, with some areas being lighter to give the cards detail. The design of each of the cards […]

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is Google’s latest technology product for streaming media directly to your television from your WiFi network. It plugs directly into your HDTV […]

Micky Mouse Egg Shaper

Micky mouse egg shaper to pour eggs into and shape them like Micky Mouse’s head. Great to get children who are fussy to eat […]

Glowing Garden Orbs

Glowing garden orbs to add some flare to your home garden. Basically these are LED light glowing garden orbs that you put in your […]

Purple Solar Flower Lights

Alright, as we all know purple is objective the best color ever, so these purple solar flower lights for the garden are particularly nice. […]

Soda Bottle Pressure Pump

Ever get irritated that your bottle of soda has become flat after opening it and drinking only a little? This Soda bottle pressure pump […]

Skull Shot Glass

Skull shot glass that looks quite awesome. Basically you fill the skull up and the liquor takes the shape of the skull, creating the […]

Hands Free Bag Holder

Hands free bag holder for those times when you need to keep a bag upright to scoop stuff out or whatever and you just […]



Starbucks iPhone 4 Case

Starbucks iPhone 4 case made in the image of a frappe so that as you hold up the case it looks like you are […]

LED Light Tray

LED light serving tray great for parties and that sort of thing. It certainly would be great at a rave, particularly if the tray […]

Glow Cube Furniture

Glow cube furniture which is lit by LED lights and includes a remote that you can use to change the colors of the cube. […]

Glow in the Dark Wall Flowers

Glow in the Dark Wall Flowers that also react very nicely to UV lights, giving of a solid glow. Basically these glow in the […]

Domo-Kun Toaster

Domo-Kun Toaster that toasts an image of Domo-Kun onto the bread and is just generally cool looking. Basically, Domo-Kun is a kind of Internet sensation and […]

Beer Glass iPhone 5 Case

Glass of beer iPhone 5 Case that looks just like a cold one. Overall a great, attention grabbing case for your iPhone that looks […]

Pineapple Corer

Pineapples are definitely a pain to prepare as they have a particularly obtrusive outer skin. This pineapple corer drill solves the issue quite easily […]