Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

The Evoluent Vertical Mouse is very close to the perfect ergonomic computer mouse. The idea behind the item is quite simple: when you are […]

Remote Controlled Eski

Remote Controlled Eski that you can use to deliver drinks without getting up. It operates just like a remote controlled car but you can […]

Bowser Slippers

Bowser Slippers in the image of the villain of the Super Mario Brothers series of games. These slippers are a great idea for fans […]

I Got One Wedding T-Shirt

For the bride that has finally caught herself a husband this makes for a great gag gift. The image is of a bridge dragging […]

Pistol Umbrella

Flintlock styled pistol umbrella that has a pistol handle and is otherwise just a typical, black umbrella. Overall a fun item and certain attention […]

Onime Angular Mouse

The Elecome Orime Mouse is an angular art styled reinterpretation of the common computer mouse imagined by Japanese artist Nendo. It is designed to […]

Automatic Dog Water Bowl

Automatic Dog Water Bowl that activates when the pets get near to it just like a drinking fountain. The idea is that it keeps […]

Wooden Spoon Drum Sticks

Wooden Spoon Drum Sticks designed specifically to play music on your pots and pans. Great for children who already often do this and their […]

Bread Shaped Egg Shaper

A Bread Shaped Egg Shaper for getting your fried eggs to fit perfectly in your toast. A really neat idea and very cool. Personally, […]

Filtered Straw

The LifeStraw is a filtered straw for drinking water with an in-built filter to enable you to drink from basically any water source. It […]

Banana Cutter

Banana Cutter perfect for slicing Bananas quickly. Just peel the banana, place the slicer over it and press down and it cuts your banana […]

Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse

Bamboo Wireless USB Keyboard and Mouse to show off as a very unique design. If you have an Asian themed office or even just […]

Zelda Link's Hat

Replica of the green hat thing the character Link wears in the Zelda series of video games. This is a great gift idea for […]

iPhone 5 New York Map Case

Here is a great idea: An iPhone 5 New York Subway map case that shows you where the subway stations and such are all […]

iPhone 4 Keyboard

A great little QWERTY keyboard for the iPhone 4 to make typing easier. For people that have a lot to type, the iPhone screen […]

Magnetic Key Holder

Magnetic Key Holder to make sure you do not lose your keys. These little figures have a magnet in their hand that you can […]

Wooden Bow Tie

Bow tie made from wood. An interesting and eye catching item to wear. It is great for people that work in biology related fields […]

iPod Shower Speaker

iPod shower speaker in the shape of a drop, with the speaker on the bottom. You can hang this up in your shower, put […]

Flight of the Conchords Jemaine Poster

Jemaine’s poster from the television series Flight of the Conchords. This is a real, print, replica version of the poster for your house, bedroom […]

Like Button Kitchen Mitt

Like Button Kitchen Mitt based on the like button from Facebook. The mitt is just a general mitt, but the visual design of it […]

iPhone Baby Monitor

iPhone and iPad baby monitor that feeds footage and audio of your sleeping baby to you via either your iPhone or your iPad. A […]

Portable Streaming Projector

Portable Streaming Projector that fits in the palm of your hand and projects movie and television shows using a WiFi connection to the Internet. […]

Corn Kerneler

Corn Kerneler that peels the kernels from a corn cob and draws them into a container all at once. A very efficient and easy […]

Plasma Night Light

Plasma Night Light for your house that detects when it is dark and activates. It is a great product for a house with slightly […]

Projected Virtual Keyboard

Projected virtual keyboard that works by projecting an image of a keyboard that you then use to type. Very cool. The specific usefulness of […]



Cable Organizers

Having problems with cables falling when you remove the connector? Use these cable organizers. They just stick onto your desk or whatever and  you […]

Interlocking Stackable Furniture

Interlocking stackable furniture that can be stacked to form a pillar-thing as shown to the left of the chairs in the picture. The idea […]

Real Minecraft Torch

Real Minecraft Torch that is made in the image of the flame torch from the game Minecraft and really does produce light. I just […]

Halo Energy Sword Replica

Halo Energy Sword Replica for your office, bedroom or house. For those who don’t know, this item is based on the energy sword from […]

Led Light Up Hula Hoop

Led light up hula hoop in blue and white color. The image is of the actual product taken at night, if you look carefully […]

Blood Vessel Leggings

Great for Halloween, these blood vessel leggings are decorated with vein and artery patterns and have a generally beige color. Overall they just look […]

Pink UV Toothbrush Sanitizer

Put your toothbrush in this UV Toothbrush Sanitzer at night to keep them germ and bacteria free. Basically you just leave it on and […]

Minimalist Concept Watch

Minimalist Concept Watch that works quite well to tell the time and has an interesting and eye-catching design. If you look carefully you can […]



Fake Fireplace Heater

Fake Electric Fireplace that includes a screen with a moving fire image and a heater. The idea is that if you have a fireplace […]

High Heel Pens

Pens with high heel shoes on their ends. A great gift for those shoe lovers out there, perfect for the office, these are a quintessential girly […]

Beer Mug Strainer

Beer Mug Strainer for your sink. Use this as the plug for your sink or even your bath if you must, a fun little […]

Seinfeld George Photo Shoot Poster

A poster of the photo Kramer took of George in the Seinfeld episode the Package in which George is trying to seduce a woman […]

Burger Phone

A telephone in the general shape of a cheese burger, this is a silly gimmick item made for fun. However, it actually looks pretty […]

Scoreboard Car Window Sticker

Play Grand Theft Auto in real life with this great window sticker keeps score of how many other vehicles and pedestrians you have hit. […]

Fingerprint Door Lock

Fingerprint door lock that opens by detecting finger print details, like a spy movie. The great thing about this is that you do not […]