Easter Island Maoi Stone Heads Ice Cube Tray

These great ice cubes are shaped to resemble the Moai stone heads of Easter Island. The local people of the island built this stones […]

Faerie Wand Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and Pepper shakers in the shape of faerie wands. The black wand is the pepper shaker and the white wand is the salt […]

Blue Hospital Socks

For those that like wearing their socks around a bit too much, these non-slip socks have little node things that grip a bit against […]

Frankenweenie Plush Sparky

Plush figure of the undead dog Sparky from the Tim Burton film Frankenweenie. This is definitely a unique plushie, and Tim Burton has a […]

Cuddle Wolf Toy

Massive wolf that you can cuddle, this Cuddle Wolf Toy is actually a very popular toy on Amazon. I actually mostly added this item […]

Egg Perfect in Pan Egg Timer

An in pan egg timer which you throw in alongside your boiling eggs and it times the cooking process depending on how you like […]

Batman Glass with Cape

This item is mostly a silly item but still quite fun. Its a Batman Glass with a fabric cape attached and a decal of […]

Funny Mother Daughter Kitchen Sign

A funny mother/daughter kitchen sign that reads “I Smile because you’re my Daughter. I laugh because you can’t Do anything about it”. Its a […]

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Necklace Prop Replica

A prop replica of the Deathly Hallows Necklace worn by Luna Lovegood’s father in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The symbol on the […]

Be Nice or I'll Poison Your Food Apron

This comedy Apron has embellished text upon it which reads, “Be Nice to Me or I’ll Poison Your Food”. A nice little comedy Apron […]

Sheldon's Robot Evolution T-Shirt from The Big Bang Theory

The Robot Evolution T-Shirt from The Big Bang Theory which Sheldon wears. The design is made to resemble general Darwinian images that show the […]

Replica of Bilbo's Sword Sting from The Hobbit

Bilbo’s sword ‘sting’ from the film The Hobbit. The blade itself is an expensive and detailed prop replica of the ancient elven blade that […]

Inflatable Skeleton Head

Inflatable Skeleton Head perfect for Halloween or just joking around with. The absurd size of the thing is what specifically makes it appealing, definitely […]

iPhone 5 Circuit Case

iPhone 5 circuit case based on a motherboard chipset. The image is a high resolution photo and the case also includes aluminium inserts. Its […]

Silver Lego Cufflinks

Silver Lego Cufflinks for the young at heart. These are a great idea for a formal suit with bit of a sense of humor. […]


Digital Microscope for the iPhone 4 that features a very strong zoom capability of up to 60X. The item is easy to use, features […]

Lolguy Face Meme Sticker

Sticker for your car or window in the image of the LOLguy Rage Face meme thing. Its cheap and fairly good with positive reviews […]

Mute Button Funny Pacifier

Mute Button pacifier for keeping your lovely yet loud baby quiet for a few moments of rest. Its a funny concept really and many, […]

Half Life 2 Head Crab Figure

Soft plushie head crab figure from the video game Half Life 2. This looks almost identical to the one in the game and is […]

Multi Person Headphone Splitter

Let five people listen to your iPhone’s sound with this Belkin Multi Person Headphone Splitter. Its design is elegant, its cost low and it […]

Bloody Hand Window Decal

A decorative decal designed to represent a bloody hand having pressed against the window. A great attention grabber for your car or home and […]

Shark Bite Socks

Fun Shark Bite Socks that are designed to represent a shark biting your feet and legs and swallowing them. A cool concept and certain […]

Dead Space Plasma Cutter Replica

A high quality replica of the Plasma Cutter from Dead Space 2. This item is a great fan item but is definitely quite costly […]

One Direction

Life Size cut-outs of various members. Alright, I don’t really know anything about One Direction if I am being honest about it but I do think […]

iPhone Headphone Splitter

Split your headphone audio among three people with this iPhone 3-Way headphone splitter in the shape of a tree branch. This is a must […]



Diamond Ice Cube Tray

This tray allows you to make ice cubes in the shape of diamonds. A simple but very cool concept that is perfect for weddings, […]

Koopa Shell Bag

Mario Brothers Koopa Shell Bag that makes  a great Christmas or Birthday gift for fans of the Super Mario Brothers games or even just […]

Batman Cape Socks

These knee-high socks are created in the image of the Batman costume from the old Batman television series. They even feature their own little […]

Titanic and Ice Berg Cubes

Ice Cubes in the shape of the titanic and the ice berg it ran into. A fun little novelty item for sailors, history buffs […]

Battery Salt and Pepper Shakers

These great battery shaped Salt and Peper shakers mimic the charge meter on some batteries by having a clear window which shows the level […]

Knuckle Duster Meat Tenderizer

This Knuckle Duster Meat Tenderizer allows you to go all Rocky Balboa on your meat to tenderize it. The device works pretty much as […]

Guitar Baking Spatula

These novelty guitar baking spatulas make a fine gag gift for musicians but are also fairly high quality and practical with a solid five […]

Syringe Pens

These syringe pens make a nice gag gift that is also useful for medical, nursing, veterinary and dentistry students and professionals. They are filled […]



Portal 2 P-body Portal Gun Replica

While this Portal 2 P-body Portal Gun replica obviously does not actually function it definitely gives all the appearance of being able to do […]

USB Lava Lamp

This USB Lava Lamp plugs into the USB port of your computer to power itself. It has alternative colors which it cycles through and […]

Fishing Bride Wedding Cake Topper

This Fishing Bride Wedding Cake Topper is a really funny idea and there are quite a few of these around now which suggests they […]

Moon Night Light

This moon Night Light is a great product for children and even for adults. One of the great things about this product is that […]

Isaac Newton Bobblehead

Every science geek needs an Isaac Newton Bobblehead for their car. It is the new requirement for your motor vehicle or you simply are […]

Snort-able Caffeine

This snort-able caffeine comes in a nasal spray that you can use to get your caffeine dose. This spray is also a general energy […]

Do Not Feed Zombies Poster Sign

This Do Not Feed the Zombies sign is a great idea for a Halloween decoration  The design has an element of quality to it and […]