Timer Cube

This Timer Cube is a great idea for those that need to time an activity without the fuss of a stop watch. Basically, you […]

USB Keyboard Pranker

This USB Keyboard Pranker enables you to play tricks on your friends and fellow workers by inserting it into their PCs. Once inserted it […]

Glowing Rim Party Cups

These glowing rim party cups basically work in the same way that glow sticks do, with cleverly placed glow sticks wrapped around the rims. […]

Taste Bud Changing Berry Tablets

Sour tastes sweet with these taste bud changing tablets that are created from berries which have the strange property of tying to a person’s […]

Alien Sunglasses

Alien Sunglasses that are perfect for a costume. These alien glasses are based on the old-style UFO aliens, the 1950′s flying saucer types that […]

Goomba Plushie

Plushie based on the Goomba enemies from the Super Mario Brothers series of video games. It makes a great collectors item for children and […]

RaspBerry Pi Model B

The Raspberry Pi is a $60 mini PC. it uses a Linux-based operating system, so no Microsoft Windows, and plugs into your Television set […]

Love Pinch Wedding Cake Topper

This love pinch wedding cake topper features a bridge and groom with the bride reaching her hand around and pinching the groom’s rear. It […]

Pointer Mouse

This mouse is made in the shape of a pointer and makes an interesting gift idea for computer enthusiasts. If you look carefully you […]

Electric Shock Game

The lightning reaction electric shock game is a fun game, though the shock packs a surprising punch. Basically, there are four controllers and a […]

Periodic Table Clock

This periodic table clock functions just as any other clock except instead of numbers it has the symbol of the atom which has an […]

iPhone Sea Snake Leather Case

This leather iPhone case is legitimately made from the leather of a Sea Snake, making it one of the strangest and at the same […]

LED Horizontal Bar Sunglasses

Check out these crazy LED Horizontal Bar glasses that will make you the king of the party, or whatever. Basically, the glasses have horizontal […]

Reluctant Groom Wedding Cake Topper

A humorous wedding cake topper featuring a reluctant groom being dragged to the ceremony. This is a fun idea for a wedding cake topper […]

Super Mario Brothers Question Mark Tin

Question Mark tin shaped like the Question Mark boxes from the Super Mario Brothers games. In the games, you jump up and hit the […]

Flashing LED Rings

A 12 pack of LED rings that flash. They are a great idea for parties as they not only look pretty good but you […]

Giant Squid Plushie

This 20″ long giant squid plushie is one of the best you could buy for budding marine biologists and animal lovers, with a high […]

Bullet USB Flash Drive

This USB Flash drive is shaped like a rifle bullet, making it a fun gift for gun enthusiasts as well as gamers. The flash […]

Brain Cell Plushie

This soft plushie toy is in the shape of a human brain cell, otherwise called a Neuron. A strange choice for a soft toy, […]

Freudian Slippers

Freudian Slippers, a play of words on the phrase ‘Freudian Slip’. Basically, a Freudian Slip is when you say something that you are supposedly really thinking […]

Mario and Luigi Hats

Mario and Luigi hats based on the hats worn by the two protagonists in the Super Mario Brothers series of games. You do have […]

Wearable Pocket Plasma

This wearable pocket plasma is a great novelty gift that serves as a nice decoration and also doubles as an item to wear to […]

Hello Kitty Flash Drive Crystal Necklace

Hello Kitty crystal necklace that includes a USB Flash Drive inside it. This is one of the most overloaded products, which is pretty impressive […]

Barack Obama Superman

Barack Obama superman action figure that features Obama tearing off his suit to reveal is super hero suit. The figure itself is 7″ tall […]

Human Thumb Drive

USB Flash drive that is in the shape of a human thumb, making it a clever play on the phrase ‘thumb drive’. The drive […]



Space Invaders Bling Necklace

Get your retro, Space Invaders bling with this iced out necklace based on one of the aliens from the popular  but now very old […]

Hand of the King Pin Replica

The Hand off the King pin replica which is worn by those that are appointed to the position by the King in the TV […]

Troll Face Decal

This Troll Face Decal based on the popular Internet meme can be stuck to a car, helmet or pretty much anything. For those that […]

Obama Jedi Action Figure

Obama Jedi Action Figure based heavily on Mace Windu (Samuel L Jackson) from the Star Wars prequels. I seriously do not know where people […]

Heart Emoticon Ring

This heart emoticon ring is a heart shaped by the ‘<’ and ’3′ characters respectively. Basically, it is the geeky leet speak version of […]

Famous Moustaches Mug

The most famous moustaches of all time displayed on this mug. I’ve already spotted Nietzsche on it, I wonder who else will be listed. […]

Snookis Leopard Uggs

Leopard Slippers just like the ones Snooki wears from Jersey Shore. Obviously, people who like the reality series Jersey Shore are going to be […]

Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin

Replica of the pin contestants in the Hunger Games wear. Basically, in order to prove loyalty to the wealthy elite a selection of the […]



House MD Tennis Ball

An oversized tennis ball made in the mold of the ball house mucks around with when he is thinking. It is more of an […]

Bart Simpson Skate Board Replica

Working replica of the skateboard Bart Simpson uses on the Simpsons. This is actually a good quality skateboard, though it is based on the […]

Most Expensive Watch on Amazon

The Zenith Academy Tourbillion Quantieme is the most expensive watch available for purchase on Amazon. It costs an extravagant $166,320 after a 37 percent discount, […]

Car Band Aid Decal

Patch up that dent on your car with this funny Car Band-Aid Decal. Basically, you use it on dents in the same way that […]

Hand Powered Flashlight

Hand Powered Flashlight that is powered by giving a lever on its side a few squeezes. Overall it is a very good idea for […]

Hello Kitty iPhone Case

This Hello Kitty iPhone Case is the girly-est case of all time. The product itself is high quality and reasonably priced, so is worth […]

iPhone Projector

A portable projector for use with your iPhone. If you need to take a large display with you on holidays or even to a […]