Alien Plush Facehugger

Alien Facehugger plushie that is one of the coolest gift ideas ever. It is always great to come across interesting items to buy and this has to be one of the stranger items on Amazon if only because I cannot imagine a more bizarre choice for a plush toy.

Facehugger Plushie

For those that do not know what this is, because they have been living under a rock, the Facehugger is from the Alien series of Science Fiction horror films and it basically attaches itself to people’s faces and inserts eggs into their stomach. That is what makes it such a cool idea for a plush toy, as it is the precise opposite of what you would expect in one.

The item itself has received largely positive reviews on Amazon, averaging five out of five after seven customer reviews, which is one of the highest reviewed items I have seen. However, to be fair, it is not a particularly cheap item. Apparently the legs/fingers are also wired inside, allowing it to grip around people’s faces. The tail is not though, but that is understandable.

The great thing about this gift is that it is good for both children and adults, though it is not appropriate for particularly young children and babies.