Beer Glass iPhone 5 Case

Glass of beer iPhone 5 Case that looks just like a cold one. Overall a great, attention grabbing case for your iPhone that looks at times like you are holding up a glass of beer. The best thing is that it is actually a good case outside of being a fun, stylish design. There are a few beer cases around but this is the one to get.

Beer Glass iPhone 5 Case


  • Water resistant though little gaps prevent it from making your case waterproof.
  • Resistant to damaging natural oils, though I do not really even know what that means.
  • Looks just like a glass of beer with perspiration dripping down the sides and a nice froth on top.


Beer iPhone 5 Case

Amazon: 4.5/5

The case is a generally good case that fits well and feels good to touch, made of a kind of synthetic rubbery material. What it really sets out to do is get attention from people and it definitely succeeds at that, making for a generally good case. The water resistant features are just an added extra really.

The only real complaint anyone has had about the beer glass case is that it is a bit hard to get on at times. However, this is probably indicative of its tight fit which is a desirable property of the item.

Overall: 4.5/5

Product Name:

Beer Glass iPhone 5 Case