Blood Drip Choker

Dripping Blood Choker

This choker is made to resemble a sliced neck and is definitely a cool idea for a Halloween fashion accessory.


  • It looks like blood dripping from a cut throat.
  • It wraps comfortably around necks that are 12 – 16 inches circumference.
  • Made of rubber so it has some flexibility about it.

Our Review:

Blood Drip Halloween Choker


The material it is made out of is rubber and it is a dark red color. Overall, this is a pretty high quality item and for the price is certainly a good buy. It will last a good while and is the sort of thing that is fun to wear if only because it is attention grabbing.

The seller is Dysfunctional Doll and it seems like they are either an overlooked seller on Amazon or they are very new, because their products are actually almost all very good and yet do not seem to have any reviews or ratings. So buy this and maybe review it for them? Its $12 so its cheap anyway.

One of the great things about this item is that not many people wear it so it is likely to be a unique costume.


As this is something of a fun, gimmicky item there is not much negative to say about it. There really is not much of a way that it might have been better, though perhaps it could have been cheaper and certainly mass production of an item like this would lower the price sharply.


A nice item perfect for Halloween and definitely not something likely to be worn by many people. A simple, effective item.

Product Name:

Thick Blood Drip Choker Necklace