Domo-Kun Toaster

Domo-Kun Toaster that toasts an image of Domo-Kun onto the bread and is just generally cool looking. Basically, Domo-Kun is a kind of Internet sensation and is basically a permanently angry square monster that exists in contrast to the cuteness of his enemies the Power-puff Girls.

Domo-Kun Toaster


  • Two slice toaster that toasts two slices of bread at once, pretty standard but hey they call that a feature it seems!
  • Imprints an image of Domo-Kun’s face onto the bread while toasting, which looks cool.
  • Has dial settings for how toasted you ant your bread.


Amazon: 4.5/5

Really this item is just a toaster that you will buy for the cool Domo-Kun imagery and the toaster looks exactly like its image suggests. The toaster itself is quite good and certainly fast enough, but it is just a typical toaster all-in-all.

The only real negative of this item is that to get the image to imprint on center you have to align the bread but this type of is expected really. By allowing for different size breads, muffins and such the manufacture really has no choice.

Overall: 4.5/5

Product Name:

Domo Toaster