Floor Scrubbing Slippers

Floor scrubbing slippers so you can just walk around scrubbing your floors with your feet. A gimmicky but fun idea to help you keep your home clean and particularly practical for small apartments where a mop and bucket will keep getting in the way.

Floor Scrubbing Slippers


  • Microfiber construction and bristles.
  • Detachable cleaning pads so they can just be worn as normal slippers.
  • Open toe design.

Pink Floor Scrubbing Sandals

The bottoms are completely soft sot here is no chance of scratching and scraping over the floor beneath. That picture above, though, is one of the worst promotional pictures ever. Clearly the photo of the legs has been taken with a green screen or whatever behind and noticed they artifically added the wet wiping texture to the picture. Funny really, but the product is cheap and good.