Giant Ear Model

A giant ear model for use by students studying physiology and subjects like that. Certainly a very unique item for Amazon and something people are unlikely to come across otherwise, this model is a 15x to scale model ear that has been ‘dissected’ to show the various features. Its a great product for teaching a class, no doubt its primary function, but can also make a discussion piece for those of the right profession.

Giant Ear Model

The underlying idea is no doubt to have it at the front of a lecture hall so you can point things out to students in a proper 3D space.

Its features include:

  • Dissembled into three parts (outer, middle and inner ear)
  • Removable¬†anatomical pieces such as the¬†Vestibulocochlear Nerve and¬†Auditory Ossicles.
  • A base for displaying the item (obviously).

The item is manufactured by 3B and is subsequently a good anatomical model. There is not really much more to say about it. Buy it if you like ears I guess.