Guitar Pick Punch

Guitar Pick Punch

Make a guitar pick out of any plastic item that can fit inside this quality metal punch. A great gift for a guitar enthusiast.


  • Punch credit cards or any plastic item thin enough to fit inside the punch into a guitar pick.
  • It punches guitar picks into the standard 351 dimensions (30 mm height and 25.5 mm width).
  • The sky is the limit really concerning what you can turn into a pick with it.

Guitar Pick Puncher

Our Review:


The item itself is very well constructed out of steel and such so should last quite a long time, perhaps even for life. If you buy one and do not lose it you basically have unlimited guitar picks and the sturdiness of this item will last and last. This is probably why after over 200 reviews by customers on Amazon it has a 4.5 out of 5 rating. Pretty impressive. Very impressive actually and almost unheard of.

The next positive is that it allows you to make guitar picks out of some very odd items. For example some CDs and DVDs can be turned into guitar picks, which makes for a very cool looking and shiny pick. People have really made picks out of all sorts of items including business cards, gift cards and best of all junk mail.


The biggest and seemingly only negative of this item is that the quality of the pick produced depends very much on the type of plastic it is made out of. Credit cards and such can be a little stuff so product quite solid picks. Other types of plastic might be a bit soft. To add further some objects are not in a great shape, even if they have a nice plastic. The plastic of a milk bottle would probably make a good pick if it were not rounded by default.


Creates picks easily out of most materials, with the only negative being the quality of pick depends on the materials.

Product Name:

DIY Pick Punch