Minecraft Pickaxe Stylus

Stylus in the shape of a pickaxe from the Minecraft games perfect for playing the mobile version of Minecraft with. You can use the head of the axe or the base to write with, the base being a bit more pen-like for the usual Stylus feel.

Minecraft Pickaxe Stylus


  • Compatible with basically all touch screen devices.
  • Made of high density foam, giving it a light touch against the screen so it will not scratch.
  • Officially licensed product via ThinkGeek.


Amazon: 5/5

To get the basic things out of the way first: it looks exactly like the pickaxe from Minecraft, down to minor pixel detail, and it is a quality item. Its a well designed, clever and fun item that is great for fans of Minecraft.

I have amended the review and given it a lower rating for the simple reason that it is just a bit too expensive for what is ultimately just a device to touch screens with. Not to mention it is a foam device. $20 for such a device just seems too expensive, $5 seems like a figure that would be more appropriate. It is a quality device though so certainly there is some appeal in that it at least has that build quality about it.

Overall: 4/5

Product Name:

Minecraft Pickaxe Touchscreen Stylus