Shark Bite Socks

Shark Bite Socks

Fun Shark Bite Socks that are designed to represent a shark biting your feet and legs and swallowing them. A cool concept and certain to grab attention.

The item itself is actually very high quality with overwhelmingly positive reviews on Amazon. The material is Acrylic. A great gift idea for women who are fans of sharks, which as it turns out quite a few are. Seems strange to me, weirdos.


  • Quality acrylic material.
  • One side that fits sizes 4 to 10.
  • Little fins stick out the sides and there are eyes and teeth in white.

Our Review:


If you are buying this item there is no doubt you are buying it for the look and they do definitely look nice. The illusion created is that the shark is attached and biting your leg, which makes for a great comedy pair of socks. Children in particularly love the effect and it certainly is an attention grabber. For people that wear socks with their pyjamas these are a great pair of them.


The stitching of the eyes and teeth is a little block-y. What I mean by this is that the detail is a bit lacking, it certainly could have had finer stitching so that the eyes and teeth were a little more detailed.


A nice pair of socks for pyjamas that could do with finer stiching around the eyes.

Product Name:

Shark Bite Socks