Starbucks iPhone 4 Case

Starbucks iPhone 4 case made in the image of a frappe so that as you hold up the case it looks like you are holding a coffee. As you can see perspiration drips down the outside of the cup in the photo and it has the creamy top. A very nice and certainly a unique iPhone case that is also quite fairly priced. The quintessential case for lovers of Starbucks coffee, and there are sure a lot of them out there.

Starbucks iPhone 4 Case


  • Slim make that fits tightly around the phone. This is not a bulky case basically.
  • Works well for 4s specifically.
  • Polycarbonate make helps protect it from scratches.


Amazon: 4/5

If you are buying this case you are basically buying it for the design, which does look cool and is perfect for people addicted to Starbucks coffee. The protection offered is typical of iPhone cases, with no great and special level of protection but then again people looking for that would probably just buy the Otterbox instead.

The only complaint about the item on Amazon was that the logo is oblong but if you look carefully the picture you will see that is because it is a photo of a cylindrical plastic cup so it is kind of meant to be like that. The idea is that it looks like you are holding up a cup when you use your phone! As a result I am going to revise the overall score of the item to be 4.5/5.

Overall: 4.5/5

Product Name:

Starbucks Coffee Seatle Latte Iphone 4 Case