Teddy Bear iPhone Plug

Teddy Bear plug for the headphone port of your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Basically, it plugs into the port to keep it free of dust and dirt but otherwise just looks neat. The bear itself is covered in Rhinestones, colored clear and gold, that give a nice appearance and stand out.

Teddy Bear iPhone Plug


  • Works on iPhone 5, HTC, Samsung and any port with the standard 3.5mm headphone size.
  • Rhinestones in gold and transparent give a nice appearance. Black rhinestones for the eyes.


Amazon: 4/5

Before reviewing an item like this it is worth noting that the item costs a measly $2, so anyone expecting it to be absolutely stunning and made of real gold and diamonds is obviously going to be disappointed. With that said the only true issue with the item is that it will struggle to fit on an iPhone if you use a cover. This of course depends on the cover, some being thinner than others, but it would have been nice if the plug had just a bit more give in this region.

Overall: 4/5

Product Name:

TOOGOO New Crystal Dog Puppy Bear Antidust Anti Dust Ear Cap