USB Flash Drive Light Bulb

USB Flash Drive Light Bulb

USB flash drive light bulb with blue light and key ring included. Makes for a very good little novelty USB flash drive to store your files on for school/university/work.


  • 8 GB of data storage.
  • Lights up a nice shade of blue when it is plugged in.
  • Included in the design is a key ring so it can attach to your key chain.
  • USB 2.0 compatible and quite a typical flash drive, so should be compatible with any computer that can use a flash drive which is basically all of them now.

Our Review:

LED Light Bulb Key Ring Flash Drive


As an all-in-one USB flash drive it works well. Its great that it includes a key ring, the 8 GB storage is quickly becoming standard and so is required and the blue light is a nice side bonus. It looks quite good when its plugged in.

As a USB 2.0 device it is also pretty much compatible with every computer. Windows 98, XP, Vista, 7 and 8 should all be compatible as well as Mac OS and Linux systems. Its a pretty typical device really and as these have become very much standard they are compatible with almost everything.

Key Ring Light Bulb Flash Drive


The clearest and only real negative of this item is that the light bulb portion of it might break when you drop it. Basically if it falls onto a hard surface there is a chance it will break and the light bulb with it. Typically the flash drive itself does not break so this is not a major issue and the item is quite shock resistant overall but it would have been nice if it were even more shock resistant than this.


A very nice flash drive overall that is classy, popular and simply does the job.

Product Name:

Blue LED Flash Drive Light Bulb