Wine Bra

The WineRack Wine Bra has to be one of the more unique inventions around. The short of it is that it is a bra that contains room to pour in red wine and drink from it using a tube.

Wine Bra

Apparently there are some minor issues with it such as the mouth piece being a bit of an effort to close and when it is full it looks a bit weird, but overall it is a funny and amusing little item probably not meant to be taken too seriously. Ah the creativity of humanity in action! What will we come up with next that revolutionizes our lives? Hard to top this one.


Holds up to 25 ounces, or 740 Milli litres, of liquid

Bladder liquid storage is removable


Amazon: 3.5/5

Urban Outfitters: 3/5

The main problems various reviewers tend to have had is that it looks a bit weird when it is full and that sometimes the valve does not secure well when it is closed of. The first problem is not a big deal really as its sort of expected that if you are carrying around so much stuff in your chest something might show. However, the second problem of the valve not closing so well is a bit of a problem as it could cause the stuff in it to spill out everywhere. Really, though, this wine bra is a gimmicky and silly item meant more for joking around with then taking seriously.

Product Name:

The WineRack