Wine Purse

Wine Purse that you can put a wine bag into and carry around like a purse. There is nothing discrete about the item and it will clearly have a tap from which to pour the wine, but it is still a fun idea. Basically you just put a wine bag inside it and use it to carry the bag.

Wine Purse

A fun little item for wine lovers around.


  • Adjustable size with a rubber belt.
  • Flat bottom so it can rest upright.
  • Room for an ice pack to keep the wine chilled.
  • Gap for a tap to pour the drink from the bottom, like a keg.


Amazon: 4/5

As with all products on this site the item has received overwhelmingly positive reviews, gaining an overall score of four out of five from reviewers on Amazon. The only negative of the item is that it does not have a refillable bag but rather relies on people to buy their own wine bags.

Overall Rating: 4/5

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