High Heel Protectors

High heel protectors that attach to the heel of your shoe to keep it from getting damaged when walking. They also help you to […]

Fish Slippers

Fish Slippers made in a realistic image of a bass fish for your feet. They make a funny item for fishermen and the like […]

Floor Scrubbing Slippers

Floor scrubbing slippers so you can just walk around scrubbing your floors with your feet. A gimmicky but fun idea to help you keep […]

Bowser Slippers

Bowser Slippers in the image of the villain of the Super Mario Brothers series of games. These slippers are a great idea for fans […]

Shark Bite Socks

Fun Shark Bite Socks that are designed to represent a shark biting your feet and legs and swallowing them. A cool concept and certain […]

Freudian Slippers

Freudian Slippers, a play of words on the phrase ‘Freudian Slip’. Basically, a Freudian Slip is when you say something that you are¬†supposedly¬†really thinking […]