About Us

Great Things to Buy helps people find interesting products to buy either direct from us or on sites like Amazon as well as serving as a fun time waster for people to browse. In a way our site focuses on content aggregation for purchasing channels. If you are looking for something to buy we should have a link that would allow you to or even sell it directly.

We make money by either getting an affiliate share of the products we link to or by selling products directly.


We attempt to only link to products which are of a decent quality and are safe to use. If a product seems like it may have a fault with it we will avoid linking to it or otherwise at least try to inform buyers of potential faults. We prefer products that receive at least a three out of five on Amazon, and the bulk of products promoted on this site have received reviews between four and five out of five.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on delivering products sold from our site in order and processing orders quickly. As we operate internationally delivery time can take quite a while, but we none the less work hard to make sure your item gets to you as quickly as possible. We also check addresses in Google Maps and attempt to verify them as best as possible.

Review Criteria & Policies

We take a somewhat different stance to reviews than many sites. We use the following criteria to typically review an item:

1. Is it a quality product?

By a quality product we mean: will it break easily? Will it last? Is it made of nice materials? This is our primary concern when reviewing something and the more costly the item becomes the more we focus on this issue.

2. Does it live up to expectancy?

A product lives up to its expectancy when it basically does what it advertises it does and looks the way it does in pictures. If it does not, we will tell you.

3. Have other people given it positive reviews?

Sites like Amazon, review sites like CNET and even comments on Pinterest or ThinkGeek give some major indications about the positives and negatives of a given item. However, these comments are subject to what can be unfair customer bias. Sometimes they are fake positive reviews and other times an angry customer has a vendetta or is simply being unfair giving a 1 star rating for what is a minor complaint. As such we try to serve as a kind of mediator to check whether low ratings are justified or not. This is why our five star rating can differ, as we might remove some biased reviews or overly positive/negative reviews.

4. Technical Specifications

Not every item has much in the way of technical specifications, but most gadgets and electronic items do. When it comes to a product such as speakers ultimately the technical specifications are the key thing. Does it have a nice frequency response range measured against human hearing? Nice Bass? Treble? These are one of the major focuses of our technical reviews.

5. Positives and Negatives

Nothing is perfect, we’ll go out of our way to find some negatives even in items that get 5 star ratings. In some cases it has been quite tough to find negatives though.

Our Location

While we operate globally and focus on the United States our business is registered in Australia. I bet you did not say that one coming?