Glass Cups with Nodes

These glass cups with nodes stack in such a way that air can get in and dry them out while the water drips out. […]

Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet

Never be without a bottle opener with this fridge magnet bottle opener stuck against your fridge. Take the bottle cap off the moment you […]

French Fry Dipping Cup

French fry dipping cup that has a little compartment for your sauce. The french fries go in the back and the sauce in the […]

Banana Container

Banana container that you can store your bananas in to prevent them being crushed. Quite a novel and interesting idea that is also quite […]

Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holders

Stainless steel magnetic knife holders to give you easy access to your knives while offering a very unique way to store them. It also […]

Butter Saving Cap

This butter saving cap that you can put over a bar of butter to keep it fresh is certainly a novel idea and one […]

Red High Heel Ice Cubes

Reusable high heel ice cubes in a nice red color. Basically they are a plastic object that has water in its interior. You put […]

LEGO Block Lunch Box

LEGO block lunch box great for children’s lunch boxes, though far from exclusive apparently. If you are looking for a unique lunch box to […]

Lego Cutlery Set Stacked

Stack-able Lego Cutlery Set that is perfect for getting children to enjoy dinner. The set comes with a knife, fork and spoon each of which […]

Stackable Measuring Cups Set

The ultimate set of stackable measuring cups to measure basically any quantity you would need then stack away efficiently together so they do not […]

Rice Cube Maker

Rice cube maker great for sushi and the like. Using this neat device you can make rice cubes easily and efficiently. Features: Rice cube […]

Micky Mouse Egg Shaper

Micky mouse egg shaper to pour eggs into and shape them like Micky Mouse’s head. Great to get children who are fussy to eat […]

Soda Bottle Pressure Pump

Ever get irritated that your bottle of soda has become flat after opening it and drinking only a little? This Soda bottle pressure pump […]

Skull Shot Glass

Skull shot glass that looks quite awesome. Basically you fill the skull up and the liquor takes the shape of the skull, creating the […]

Hands Free Bag Holder

Hands free bag holder for those times when you need to keep a bag upright to scoop stuff out or whatever and you just […]

LED Light Tray

LED light serving tray great for parties and that sort of thing. It certainly would be great at a rave, particularly if the tray […]

Domo-Kun Toaster

Domo-Kun Toaster that toasts an image of Domo-Kun onto the bread and is just generally cool looking. Basically, Domo-Kun is a kind of Internet sensation and […]

Pineapple Corer

Pineapples are definitely a pain to prepare as they have a particularly obtrusive outer skin. This pineapple corer drill solves the issue quite easily […]

NFL Helmet Snack Bowl

A snack bowl in the shape of an NFL Helmet that is perfect for entertaining guests while watching Football. People preparing for a major […]

Hello Kitty Toaster

Hello Kitty toaster that imprints little images of Hello Kitty onto the toasted bread. A really cool and fun item to make the most […]

Color Change LED Light Kitchen Faucet

Color changing kitchen faucet that has a built in LED light with changing colors. It has a nice painted finish as well rendering it […]

Apple Corer

Apple corer that helps you remove the core of the apple leaving just the fruit. It has a nice and comfortable handle as well […]

Clip on Pot Spoon Holder

clip on pot spoon holder that you attach to the edge of your pot while cooking to rest your spoon. A great idea because […]

Herb Scissors Multi-Blade

Multi-Blade Herb Scissors that make it much more efficient to cut herbs for flavoring. Basically, its just a pair of scissors with multiple blades […]

Squeezable Egg Yolk Cracker

Use this squeezable egg yolk extractor that lets you suck up the yolk of eggs for cooking and such. Basically, you crack the egg […]

Oven Mitt with Tattoo Arm Design

Oven mitt with a neat Tattoo’d arm design that makes it look like the wearer’s arm can be seen through it. A cool little […]

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

This breakfast sandwich maker really does it all when it comes to making breakfast sandwiches and muffins. It fries the egg, cooks the meat […]

Wilton Swirl Cupcake Wrapper

Elegant cupcake wrappers that add a bit of class to your cupcakes. Perfect for parties and events, these cupcake wrappers are all elegant and […]

Electric Guitar Cheese Grater

Cheese greater styled in the image of an electric guitar so you can shred some cheese with it. A very cheesy concept but how […]

Auto Turning Spaghetti Fork

Auto Turning Spaghetti Fork that automatically twirls the spaghetti for you so you do not have to bother. Guess the engineers just took this […]

Oven Grip Rack

Tired of burning your fingers when you go to pull the oven trays out? This oven rack grips the edge of the trays and […]

Heart Egg Shaper

Heart Egg Shaper for your loved ones. Just put it in the cook pan and pour the egg inside, pretty simple idea really but […]

Bread Shaped Egg Shaper

A Bread Shaped Egg Shaper for getting your fried eggs to fit perfectly in your toast. A really neat idea and very cool. Personally, […]

Banana Cutter

Banana Cutter perfect for slicing Bananas quickly. Just peel the banana, place the slicer over it and press down and it cuts your banana […]

Corn Kerneler

Corn Kerneler that peels the kernels from a corn cob and draws them into a container all at once. A very efficient and easy […]

Personal Pizza Oven

Personal Pizza Oven for all your cooking needs. The Presto 03430 Pizzazz Pizza Oven is great for heating up your frozen pizzas or baking […]

Heart Shaped Wooden Spoon

This heart shaped wooden spoon is for the romantics out there. It is a very, very girly item obviously and features a little heart […]

Giant Gummy Bear

Giant Gummy Bear that weighs about five pounds, maybe the world’s largest commercial gummy bear. A fun little product that definitely gets attention. The […]

3 in 1 breakfast maker

3 in 1 Breakfast Maker to handle all your breakfast needs. A fun idea and good for those who don’t have much room. It includes […]

Egg Perfect in Pan Egg Timer

An in pan egg timer which you throw in alongside your boiling eggs and it times the cooking process depending on how you like […]