Frankenweenie Plush Sparky

Plush figure of the undead dog Sparky from the Tim Burton film Frankenweenie. This is definitely a unique plushie, and Tim Burton has a […]

Half Life 2 Head Crab Figure

Soft plushie head crab figure from the video game Half Life 2. This looks almost identical to the one in the game and is […]

Giant Squid Plushie

This 20″ long giant squid plushie is one of the best you could buy for budding marine biologists and animal lovers, with a high […]

Brain Cell Plushie

This soft plushie toy is in the shape of a human brain cell, otherwise called a Neuron. A strange choice for a soft toy, […]

Red Blood Cell Plushie

Blood and soft toys together at last! Cute and educational, this red blood cell plushie combines two natural complements, blood and plushies, to make […]

E.coli Plushie

Deadly bacteria has never been so cute with this E. Coli Plushie. A cool gift idea for children, because of its mix of cuteness with educational […]

Domo-Kun Plushie

Plushie of Domo-Kun, the protagonist from the amazingly popular flash game Domo-Kun’s Angry Smashfest. The character is a one-note, aggressive thing but still the hero. […]

Super Mario Brothers Bowser Plushie

Plushie version of Bowser, the primary antagonist in the Super Mario Brothers series of games. Villains and evil characters always make the best plushies! […]

Assassins Creed Ezio Plushie

For those that have played the Assassins Creed series of games, this is a big-headed plushie based on the protagonist Ezio. In the games […]

Wolverine Plushie Doll

There are of course all sorts of other Marvel and X-men plushies, but Wolverine is the best simply because it is the least likely […]

Angry Birds Red

This Anger Bird plushie is based off the hit game Angry Birds and is a fairly high quality product overall. This is the officially […]

Valve Portal Companion Cube

The companion cube from Portal in Plushie form. There are some great gaming plushie toys around and this is one of them. Perfect for […]

Alien Chestburster Plushie

Chest-burster plushie from the Alien film. The chest-burster scene is probably one of the most iconic and memorable scenes in the film. The toy […]

Facehugger Plushie

Alien Facehugger plushie that is one of the coolest gift ideas ever. It is always great to come across interesting items to buy and […]