Smart Phone Shower Curtain

Features: Use your touchscreen through the curtain itself! Fits smartphones and ipads at varying heights for use when bathing or showering. Thick, quality material. […]

Ocean Night Light

Relaxing Ocean Waves Night Light to help you and your children fall asleep. Also includes a speaker to listen to music as you drift […]

Tree Face Plaque

This plaque looks like a face and blends into a tree, making it seem like the tree itself has a face. It does so […]

Speech Bubble Magnets

These writable speech bubble magnets can be placed on your fridge or any other metallic surface to be used as post it notes. Basically […]

Green Glow in the Dark Paint

Green glow in the dark paint that you can paint onto most any surface including metal surfacers. Its functional use is to paint dangerous […]

Shot Glass Checkers

Shot glass checkers perfect to get drunk with. Each time someone checks one of your pieces you have to drink it as a shot. […]

Rainbow Shower Head

Rainbow Shower Head with LED lights in every color of the rainbow. A wonderful item to spruce up your shower and impress guests with […]

Pillow with Hoodie

Pillow with an in-built hoodie to keep you warm while you listen to music and such. The truth is I have no real idea […]

Avatar Tree of Life Seed Lights

Avatar Tree of Life seed lights that really look very cool. If you have seen the film Avatar, these little lights are basically the […]

Infinity Mirror Candle Holder

Infinity mirror candle holder that reflects the two candles placed in it to infinite. It works by reflecting the image between two mirrors, back […]

Glowing Garden Orbs

Glowing garden orbs to add some flare to your home garden. Basically these are LED light glowing garden orbs that you put in your […]

Purple Solar Flower Lights

Alright, as we all know purple is objective the best color ever, so these purple solar flower lights for the garden are particularly nice. […]

LED Light Tray

LED light serving tray great for parties and that sort of thing. It certainly would be great at a rave, particularly if the tray […]

Glow Cube Furniture

Glow cube furniture which is lit by LED lights and includes a remote that you can use to change the colors of the cube. […]

Giant Purple Bean Bag

Giant bean bag that a couple can lay on or an entire family can even sit on, making for quite a good piece of […]

Glowing Memo Alarm Clock

Glowing memo alarm cloak that you can write little letters to yourself and your family on to remind you of stuff. Great if you […]

NFL Helmet Snack Bowl

A snack bowl in the shape of an NFL Helmet that is perfect for entertaining guests while watching Football. People preparing for a major […]

Color Change LED Light Kitchen Faucet

Color changing kitchen faucet that has a built in LED light with changing colors. It has a nice painted finish as well rendering it […]

Color Changing LED Shower Faucet

Shower Faucet with little LED lights in it that change color. The faucet itself is a wide faucet that mimicks the feeling of rainfall. […]

Crystal DSLR Camera Model

Crystal DSLR Camera Model that you can use on your bookshelves as a bookend or place on your desk to look good. A great […]

Touch Free Sink

This touch free sink faucet automatically turns on when you draw your hand under it allowing you to wash your hands hygienically without touching […]

Remote Control LED Candles

Remote Control LED Candles made of real wax but with a color changing LED light within it that can be activated and color changed […]

Floating Bubble Chair

Floating bubble chair that looks great and makes for a wonderful, classy and eye-catching piece of furniture. A bit on the expensive side but […]

Divided Head Bookends

Divided heads bookends with a nice polygonal design. A really nice and classy bookend idea for academic types who have a nice book collection. […]

Tornado Body Dryer

Hand dryer for your entire body! This body dryer system works in the same way hand dryers do except that it applies to your […]

Clip on Cup Holder

Clip this cup holder onto the side of a desk and you can put your coffee or whatever there, conveniently placed both off the […]

Tetris Block lamp

This neat Tetris block Lamp is a great retro-geek style desk lamp. Basically, it is made of a series of blocks which can be […]

Keyboard Key Cups

Keyboard key cups designed like letters of a keyboard, specifically the ‘ctrl’, ‘alt’ and ‘delete’ keys. They are a nice little idea and despite the gimmicky […]

Flexible Power Strip

The flexible power strip is a simply great idea that prevents items with large power blocks from preventing nearby outlets being clogged. Basically its […]

USB Cable Organizer

USB cable organizer to keep your cables organized and to prevent them from falling away when you unplug them, which is the real feature […]

Go Away Reversible Doormat

Reversible Doormat that reads ‘come in’ one way and ‘go away’ when inverted. Clever idea really and certainly a fun little gimmick. One way […]

Transparent Chairs

Transparent chairs for your table that work well around a glass table. Due to their transparent nature they are given the name ‘ghost chairs’, […]

Collapsing Bookend

Funny Falling Books Bookend that features a man holding his hands up as the books are about to fall on him. A simple and […]

Wooden Spoon Drum Sticks

Wooden Spoon Drum Sticks designed specifically to play music on your pots and pans. Great for children who already often do this and their […]

Magnetic Key Holder

Magnetic Key Holder to make sure you do not lose your keys. These little figures have a magnet in their hand that you can […]

Corn Kerneler

Corn Kerneler that peels the kernels from a corn cob and draws them into a container all at once. A very efficient and easy […]

Plasma Night Light

Plasma Night Light for your house that detects when it is dark and activates. It is a great product for a house with slightly […]

Cable Organizers

Having problems with cables falling when you remove the connector? Use these cable organizers. They just stick onto your desk or whatever and  you […]

Interlocking Stackable Furniture

Interlocking stackable furniture that can be stacked to form a pillar-thing as shown to the left of the chairs in the picture. The idea […]

Pink UV Toothbrush Sanitizer

Put your toothbrush in this UV Toothbrush Sanitzer at night to keep them germ and bacteria free. Basically you just leave it on and […]