Ocean Night Light

Relaxing Ocean Waves Night Light to help you and your children fall asleep. Also includes a speaker to listen to music as you drift […]

Dustpan with Teeth

Dustpan with teeth for collecting junk from your broom brush as you are sweeping up. Its annoying when you are dusting because your broom […]

iPhone 4 Pepper Spray Case

Practical and yet oddly funny pepper spray case for the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3. Naturally I had to include the pink version […]

Sound Reactive Dancing Foam Fountain

Sound reactive foam fountain that picks up sounds using a microphone and dances to them. It is basically very much like the popular dancing […]

Wall Outlet USB Charger

Charge your USB devices without losing a power outlet with this nifty gadget. It is called the¬†Ideative PP1009W Flipit and it basically works in […]

White Watershow Speakers

When music plays the water fountain in these speakers sprays and dances to the music while being lit up by LED lights. It creates […]

Key Pocket Knife

  This little hidden knife looks like a key and fits comfortably on your key chain. Its great for cutting open boxes and little […]

Touchscreen Wireless Router

Touchscreen wireless router that eliminates the need to connect to the router with a computer in order to change settings. Basically you can use […]

Wall Outlet iPhone Charger

iPhone wall socket charger that allows you to mount your iPhone into a wall socket in such a way that it stands up. Neat […]

Spider iPhone holder

This neat little spider mount gadget holder can hold iPhones, iPads, Samsung phones and even books. Very clever little item that is also quite […]

Text Scanning Pen

Amazing text scanning pen which you can use to scan text in a document and transfer it to a computer. A great gadget for […]

High Heel Protectors

High heel protectors that attach to the heel of your shoe to keep it from getting damaged when walking. They also help you to […]

Dashboard Smartphone Holder

Dashboard Smartphone Holder that works for almost every model of iPhone as well as Samsung Galaxy phones. It basically uses suction and a lever […]

Hand Powered iPhone Charger

Hand powered iPhone charger that you can use to charge your iPhone simply by turning the crank in a circle. Works on basically any […]

iPad Speaker Booster

Clip on iPad Speaker Booster that clips easily onto your iPad to enhance the sound of the inbuilt speaker. The natural acoustics of the […]

Light Fountain Speakers

Light fountain speakers with LED lights and a liquid inside that lights up as it plays. As the speakers play the liquid bounces around […]

Robotic Masseuse Car

This robotic¬†masseuse car drives around on your back to massage you. Quite a clever idea and certainly one of the stranger gadgets around, even […]

Ultimate Swiss Army Knife

Ultimate Swiss army knife with no less than 87 different implements to solve any situation you are likely to encounter, including preparing and cleaning […]

Avatar Tree of Life Seed Lights

Avatar Tree of Life seed lights that really look very cool. If you have seen the film Avatar, these little lights are basically the […]

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is Google’s latest technology product for streaming media directly to your television from your WiFi network. It plugs directly into your HDTV […]

Micky Mouse Egg Shaper

Micky mouse egg shaper to pour eggs into and shape them like Micky Mouse’s head. Great to get children who are fussy to eat […]

Soda Bottle Pressure Pump

Ever get irritated that your bottle of soda has become flat after opening it and drinking only a little? This Soda bottle pressure pump […]

Hands Free Bag Holder

Hands free bag holder for those times when you need to keep a bag upright to scoop stuff out or whatever and you just […]

LED Light Tray

LED light serving tray great for parties and that sort of thing. It certainly would be great at a rave, particularly if the tray […]

Glow Cube Furniture

Glow cube furniture which is lit by LED lights and includes a remote that you can use to change the colors of the cube. […]

Pineapple Corer

Pineapples are definitely a pain to prepare as they have a particularly obtrusive outer skin. This pineapple corer drill solves the issue quite easily […]

Glowing Memo Alarm Clock

Glowing memo alarm cloak that you can write little letters to yourself and your family on to remind you of stuff. Great if you […]

Touch Free Soap Dispenser

Touch free soap dispenser that automatically dispenses soap when you put your hand under it. Basically it has a sensor which detects whether your […]

Touch Free Sink

This touch free sink faucet automatically turns on when you draw your hand under it allowing you to wash your hands hygienically without touching […]

Revolver Shaped Screwdriver

Revolver shaped screwdriver that comes in this awesome pink-purple color. The cool thing is that it is a more than functional screwdriver with drill […]

Apple Corer

Apple corer that helps you remove the core of the apple leaving just the fruit. It has a nice and comfortable handle as well […]

Squeezable Egg Yolk Cracker

Use this squeezable egg yolk extractor that lets you suck up the yolk of eggs for cooking and such. Basically, you crack the egg […]

Tornado Body Dryer

Hand dryer for your entire body! This body dryer system works in the same way hand dryers do except that it applies to your […]

iPhone Game Controller

iPhone game controller that plugs into your iPhone or Android 2.1+ mobile fine and can be used to play games. While the iPhone has […]

iPad Suction Mount

iPad Suction Mount to attach your iPad to car windows or walls. The iPad is a neat device but it is not always practical […]

USB Keyboard Remote

This USB multimedia keyboard remote presents the solution to the problem of computers increasingly entering our lounge rooms. With the Internet and sites such […]

Flexible Power Strip

The flexible power strip is a simply great idea that prevents items with large power blocks from preventing nearby outlets being clogged. Basically its […]

USB Cable Organizer

USB cable organizer to keep your cables organized and to prevent them from falling away when you unplug them, which is the real feature […]

iPhone Pulse Oximeter

iPhone Pulse Oximter that you can use to measure your pulse by plugging it into your iPhone. Its when I see little gadgets like […]

USB Heater

USB heater to help you keep warm while you work at your computer. These little ceramic heaters actually work very well, almost too well […]