Tree Face Plaque

This plaque looks like a face and blends into a tree, making it seem like the tree itself has a face. It does so […]

Minecraft Steve Costume

Minecraft Steve costume that you can use to dress up as a Minecraft character for costume parties and Halloween. The combination includes a foam […]

Skull Shot Glass

Skull shot glass that looks quite awesome. Basically you fill the skull up and the liquor takes the shape of the skull, creating the […]

Gollum Mask

Mask that makes the wearer look like Gollum from The Lord of the Rings. It actually looks really close to what Gollum does and […]

Blood Vessel Leggings

Great for Halloween, these blood vessel leggings are decorated with vein and artery patterns and have a generally beige color. Overall they just look […]

Inflatable Skeleton Head

Inflatable Skeleton Head perfect for Halloween or just joking around with. The absurd size of the thing is what specifically makes it appealing, definitely […]

Bloody Hand Window Decal

A decorative decal designed to represent a bloody hand having pressed against the window. A great attention grabber for your car or home and […]

Silk Spectre Wig

The ultimate list of Halloween costumes that you can buy online. Some of these are creative, unique and interesting. Others are more standard costumes, […]

Do Not Feed Zombies Poster Sign

This Do Not Feed the Zombies sign is a great idea for a Halloween decoration  The design has an element of quality to it and […]

Alien Sunglasses

Alien Sunglasses that are perfect for a costume. These alien glasses are based on the old-style UFO aliens, the 1950′s flying saucer types that […]

Zombie Pet Collection

Zombie pet collection of ultimate power! Actually, just some zombie pet toys that you can buy for fun, but still a cool idea. There […]

Mock Academy Award

Mock academy awards you can give out to your friends or colleagues at a party. These can be a good Halloween party idea or […]

Love Never Dies Skeletons

Kissing skeletons. Yes, kissing skeletons. Its a little bit morbid, but definitely different. A good Halloween item or even something goth-types might be interested […]

Blood Bag Energy Drink

Fruity energy drink that has similar coloring and consistency to blood and is stored in a blood bag-like container. This is a great idea […]

Dripping Blood Choker

This choker is made to resemble a sliced neck and is definitely a cool idea for a Halloween fashion accessory. Features: It looks like […]

hannibal Lecter Face Mask

Hannibal Lecter face mask that you might recall from the film Silence of the Lambs. It was specifically used in the scene where Hannibal […]


The puzzle box from the Hellraiser horror films. For those that have not seen the film this box opens the way to a kind […]

Zombie Cookie Jar

The ultimate list of Halloween food decoration products available for purchase on sites like Amazon. From cupcake wrappers and design kits to candy and […]

Gingerdead Men

These Gingerdead Men cookie cutters allow you to cut skeleton Gingerbread men. Then you just fill in the indentation of the bones with icing […]