Halloween Costumes List

The ultimate list of Halloween costumes that you can buy online. Some of these are creative, unique and interesting. Others are more standard costumes, but there is nothing wrong with the classics. Try some of these great costumes if you are struggling to come up with a good costume idea.

Women’s Costumes

Lady Gaga Costume

Lady Gaga Costume

Lady Gaga creates enough new looks to keep costume makers in business for a long time, but this is really one of the better costumes based around her fashion. The costume itself looks good enough to wear to any party, but will also be instantly recognizable as a Lady Gaga costume if you also get the hair right. One of the best things is that it is a very affordable costume as well, costing just over $30.


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Chell Jumpsuit Costume

Portal Chell Costume

Chell is a character from the Portal series of video games, which is definitely one of the more popular ones. What is most interesting about this costume is how in-depth and detailed it is.

There are three pieces to it that you have to buy seperately, but the quality of them makes up for that a little. The first part is the jumpsuit itself, which is the main part of the costume.


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Portal Gun Prop Replica

The second part is this portal gun replica. In the games this enables you to open a system of portals, which allows you to solve various physical puzzles. This prop replica version of the gun is the best part of the costume as it features sound effects as well as changing light colors. It actually mimics the function of the gun from the game, though I am afraid that it does not allow teleportation.


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Portal Socks

The final piece of the costume is the socks, which are made to look like the jump boot equipment things that Chell wears to increase her movement speed and jumping height. This is the best part of the costume to buy if you just want a cheap, fun item.


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Super Woman Costume

This is one of the best quality costumes around and definitely the one to get if you intend to dress up as Super Woman this Halloween. There is a great degree of variation in the this costumes cost depending on which items and materials you go for, but the more expensive materials are worth it if you intend to reuse it or want to look absolutely stunning.


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Silk Spectre

 Silk Spectre Costume

This costume is technically Silk Spectre 2′s costume, but everyone just calls her Silk Specture anyway so I guess it does not matter. She was a pretty cool example of a female character in the Watchmen film and this costume is perfect for female fans of the film. The costume works well by itself, particularly if you can do your own hair up to look like hers.


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Silk Spectre Wig

If you cannot, then buy this wig as well to complete it.


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Women’s Pirate Costume

Women's Pirate Costume

Death to the scurvy land lovers and all that with this women’s pirate costume. One of the better costumes around, it works great for a pirate themed party and looks a lot like something someone from the Pirates of the Caribbean series of movies would wear.


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Men’s Costumes

 Where’s Wally Costume

 Where's Wally Costume

 This Where’s Wally costume is definitely one of the coolest costumes a man can possibly wear. It has every feature a costume should have as it is easy, recognizable and funny.


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Super Mario Brothers Mario Costume

 Super Mario Brothers Mario Costume

Mario from the Super Mario Brothers series of Nintendo video games is one of the most instantly recognizable and loved characters in gaming. Truth be told I always found him to be a weird character because he is a plumber fighting a giant turtle-monster to save a princess. I mean, a plumber? Anyway, yeah, this costume is great.


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Stay Puft Marshmellow Man Costume

 Ghostbusters Marshmellow Man Costume

This costume is based on the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man in the first Ghostbuster film. In the film the villain is able to generate a monster from whatever is being imagined and this is the thought that pops into one of the characters heads as he is trying not to think of anything. This has to be one of the best and most creative costume ideas and will definitely be a hit at the party as the Ghostbuster films have remained fairly popular over the years.


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Adult Gryffindor Robes

 Adult Harry Potter Gryffindor Robes

While the picture is of a male, women can wear these robes as well. For those that are wondering what they are from, these are the robes members of House Gryffindor wear in the Harry Potter series of films. As such, you can buy children’s robes as well and have the whole family go as a class from Hogwarts.


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Children’s Costumes

Harry Potter Gryffindor Robes

Harry Potter Gryffindor Robes

The great thing about this costume is that it can be worn by boys and girls, so you can buy a few of them for each of your children and dress up yourself as a witch. That way your family can be a class from Hogwarts touring the land of the Muggles. It is worth noting that these robes are the Gryffindor robes, which are associated with the good guys.


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Children’s Superman Costume

 Childrens Superman Costume

Superman is a staple of Halloween costumes and it will come as no surprise that quite a few children wish to go as him. If you organize correctly your entire family could go as a family of Supermen and Superwomen.


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