Knight Helmet Beanie

Knight helmet beanie that has a face guard that lowers over the mouth, keeping the wearer warm and looking like those helms worn by […]

Minecraft Diamond Earrings

Minecraft diamond earrings that are a precise replica of the image from Minecraft to scale. Each of them is about an inch and made […]

Wine Purse

Wine Purse that you can put a wine bag into and carry around like a purse. There is nothing discrete about the item and […]

Color Changing Umbrella

A great color changing umbrella with little white raindrops on the outside that change color when wet but are otherwise white. A very neat […]

Single Lens Sunglasses

Single lens sunglasses quite like the ones used by Cyclops in the X-Men series of films. These are basically just novelty sunglasses but are […]

Wine Bra

The WineRack Wine Bra has to be one of the more unique inventions around. The short of it is that it is a bra […]

Boxed Chocolate Umbrella

Boxed Chocolate Umbrella which features a images of assorted chocolates all over it. A great gift for the chocolate lovers out there and definitely […]

Fish Slippers

Fish Slippers made in a realistic image of a bass fish for your feet. They make a funny item for fishermen and the like […]

Floor Scrubbing Slippers

Floor scrubbing slippers so you can just walk around scrubbing your floors with your feet. A gimmicky but fun idea to help you keep […]

Bowser Slippers

Bowser Slippers in the image of the villain of the Super Mario Brothers series of games. These slippers are a great idea for fans […]

I Got One Wedding T-Shirt

For the bride that has finally caught herself a husband this makes for a great gag gift. The image is of a bridge dragging […]

Wooden Bow Tie

Bow tie made from wood. An interesting and eye catching item to wear. It is great for people that work in biology related fields […]

Blood Vessel Leggings

Great for Halloween, these blood vessel leggings are decorated with vein and artery patterns and have a generally beige color. Overall they just look […]

Designer Pixel Sunglasses

Designer pixel sunglasses for the geeks out there. These make a great item and actually do look really cool, at least in my opinion. […]

Ask About My Ninja Disguise Shirt

Ask about my ninja disguise shirt is one of the better comedy shirts around. The idea behind it is simple: if someone asks you […]

Dragon Fake Tattoo Sleeve

A fake nylon tattoo sleeve with dragon patterns on it. I honestly don’t know why anyone would buy this to wear as a serious […]

Blue Hospital Socks

For those that like wearing their socks around a bit too much, these non-slip socks have little node things that grip a bit against […]

Be Nice or I'll Poison Your Food Apron

This comedy Apron has embellished text upon it which reads, “Be Nice to Me or I’ll Poison Your Food”. A nice little comedy Apron […]

Sheldon's Robot Evolution T-Shirt from The Big Bang Theory

The Robot Evolution T-Shirt from The Big Bang Theory which Sheldon wears. The design is made to resemble general Darwinian images that show the […]

Silver Lego Cufflinks

Silver Lego Cufflinks for the young at heart. These are a great idea for a formal suit with bit of a sense of humor. […]

Shark Bite Socks

Fun Shark Bite Socks that are designed to represent a shark biting your feet and legs and swallowing them. A cool concept and certain […]

Koopa Shell Bag

Mario Brothers Koopa Shell Bag that makes  a great Christmas or Birthday gift for fans of the Super Mario Brothers games or even just […]

Batman Cape Socks

These knee-high socks are created in the image of the Batman costume from the old Batman television series. They even feature their own little […]

Freudian Slippers

Freudian Slippers, a play of words on the phrase ‘Freudian Slip’. Basically, a Freudian Slip is when you say something that you are supposedly really thinking […]

Mario and Luigi Hats

Mario and Luigi hats based on the hats worn by the two protagonists in the Super Mario Brothers series of games. You do have […]

Health and Mana Potion Earrings

Girlfriend a Diablo fan? These Health and Mana Potion Earrings are styled after the potions from Diablo, though to be fair for some strange […]

Dripping Blood Choker

This choker is made to resemble a sliced neck and is definitely a cool idea for a Halloween fashion accessory. Features: It looks like […]

Playstation Controller Cufflinks

Cuff-links that are made in the form of PlayStation controllers, these are a really cool gift idea for any gamers around and are discrete […]

Transformers Cufflinks

Transformers’ themed cuff-links for the man-child. They are great for adding that casual touch to a business suit. Features Eye-catching design. Perfect for transformer […]

Blue LED Shoelaces

Battery powered, LED shoelaces perfect for fun events and parties. Batteries are included, they last for 70 hours and have multiple settings. Overall these […]