Ocean Night Light

Relaxing Ocean Waves Night Light to help you and your children fall asleep. Also includes a speaker to listen to music as you drift […]

USB Flash Drive Light Bulb

USB flash drive light bulb with blue light and key ring included. Makes for a very good little novelty USB flash drive to store […]

Wall Outlet USB Charger

Charge your USB devices without losing a power outlet with this nifty gadget. It is called the Ideative PP1009W Flipit and it basically works in […]

Pink Lipstick USB Drive

USB drive in the shape of a pink lipstick case perfect for the discerning lady. In other words, its just a funny gift idea […]

Light Fountain Speakers

Light fountain speakers with LED lights and a liquid inside that lights up as it plays. As the speakers play the liquid bounces around […]

Avatar Tree of Life Seed Lights

Avatar Tree of Life seed lights that really look very cool. If you have seen the film Avatar, these little lights are basically the […]

Iron Man Reactor USB Necklace

Iron Man reactor USB necklace based on the device worn by Tony Stark in the Iron Man films. Basically this reactor powers the Iron […]

Watermelon USB Stick

Watermelon USB stick in the shape of a slice of watermelon. 2 GB of disk space on it but anyone buying this is buying […]

Guitar USB Drive

Great little novelty guitar USB drive for music lovers out there. It attaches easily enough to your key chain and stores 4 GB of […]

USB Keyboard Remote

This USB multimedia keyboard remote presents the solution to the problem of computers increasingly entering our lounge rooms. With the Internet and sites such […]

USB Cable Organizer

USB cable organizer to keep your cables organized and to prevent them from falling away when you unplug them, which is the real feature […]

USB Heater

USB heater to help you keep warm while you work at your computer. These little ceramic heaters actually work very well, almost too well […]

Steampunk USB Flash Drive

Steampunk USB Flash Drive that stores up to 8 GBs of data and operates at USB 2.0 speeds. Overall there is obviously nothing particularly […]

Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

The Evoluent Vertical Mouse is very close to the perfect ergonomic computer mouse. The idea behind the item is quite simple: when you are […]

Onime Angular Mouse

The Elecome Orime Mouse is an angular art styled reinterpretation of the common computer mouse imagined by Japanese artist Nendo. It is designed to […]

Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse

Bamboo Wireless USB Keyboard and Mouse to show off as a very unique design. If you have an Asian themed office or even just […]

Projected Virtual Keyboard

Projected virtual keyboard that works by projecting an image of a keyboard that you then use to type. Very cool. The specific usefulness of […]

Hand Held Air Conditioner

Looking to stay cool? Try this hand held air conditioner, which also stands well enough on a desk to blow directly at you. Naturally, […]

USB Powered Humidifier

USB Powered Humidifier to fight the dryness in your office or bedroom. A simple but effective item, this plugs into the USB port of […]

Flexible USB Inspection Camera

This neat Flexible USB Inspection Camera allows you to investigate in hard to see places by twisting and bending the camera, almost like how […]

Mini USB Wireless Device

The smallest USB Wireless adapter available at the moment, this miniature device plugs into the USB port and the very small device then sticks out to […]

USB Powered Mini Fan

A USB Powered Mini-Fan that is great for cooling you as you use your PC or even for cooling the PC itself. For example […]

USB Lava Lamp

This USB Lava Lamp plugs into the USB port of your computer to power itself. It has alternative colors which it cycles through and […]

USB Keyboard Pranker

This USB Keyboard Pranker enables you to play tricks on your friends and fellow workers by inserting it into their PCs. Once inserted it […]

Pointer Mouse

This mouse is made in the shape of a pointer and makes an interesting gift idea for computer enthusiasts. If you look carefully you […]

Bullet USB Flash Drive

This USB Flash drive is shaped like a rifle bullet, making it a fun gift for gun enthusiasts as well as gamers. The flash […]

Hello Kitty Flash Drive Crystal Necklace

Hello Kitty crystal necklace that includes a USB Flash Drive inside it. This is one of the most overloaded products, which is pretty impressive […]

Human Thumb Drive

USB Flash drive that is in the shape of a human thumb, making it a clever play on the phrase ‘thumb drive’. The drive […]

USB Coffee Mug Warmer

Put your cup of coffee or tea on this mug warmer and it will keep your beverage warm. It plugs into the USB ports […]

USB Fridge

Keep your drinks cold with this USB mini-fridge. It can only really store one can or a cup, but it is not intended to […]

USB Plasma Ball

We’ve all seen plasma balls, but this one is powered by your computers USB port and is also nice and cheap. A really cool […]

USB Rechargeable Battery

This AA USB Battery can be recharged simply by inserting it into a USB port. As a result this is a great product for […]

J5 Create Juc400 Wormhole Switch

Connect two computers with this and you can use one keyboard/mouse set between both of them, including dragging and dropping files. A great product […]