Avatar Tree of Life Seed Lights

Avatar Tree of Life Seed Lights

Avatar Tree of Life seed lights that really look very cool. If you have seen the film Avatar, these little lights are basically the seeds of the giant sacred tree and gather around the protagonist, Jake, as a kind of spiritual sign. This item is based upon them and plugs into the USB port of your computer, looking genuinely cool as it does. It is also voice activated/deactivated.


  • Cycles through multiple colors: red, yellow, green, purple and blue.
  • Plugs into the USB port of your computer.
  • Voice sensitive so you can command the lights to turn on or off.
  • Flexible and you can play with them using your hand. Also apparently waterproof.


Avatar Sacred Tree Seed Lights


This device is another great one that has received overwhelmingly positive reviews due to the quality of its make, the reasonable price and its beautiful visual design. It definitely makes a good addition to your office and is something worth taking to work as well for fans of the Avatar film.

The build quality is pretty nice though it is not really a greatly complex item either. It has a multiple colors of LED lights that illuminate the seed and look quite impressive really.

The other positive is that it is voice activated. So you can activate it at a distance which is cool.

Avatar Sacred Tree Seeds Multi-Color Lights


This device seems only to have two real problems, both of which relate directly to its use of USB. The first of these issues is that the USB plug is a bit large and at times blocks other USB ports.

The second problem is that it uses USB in the first place, thus not being able to plug into your power directly. I’m sure there are solutions to this but it would have been nice to have a choice really. As it would make an amazing night light it would have been particularly good if it could plug into mains power and maybe even if it had a light level sensor so it turned on automatically when it is dark.


A nice item for fans of avatar or just to make an interesting light. It would have been nice if it came with the option of mains power.

Product Name:

Avatar Sacred Tree Seed Light