Pac-Man Ghost Key Covers

Pac-Man ghost key covers that go over the top of your keys and have a little chain you can use to attach to things […]

Tetris Block lamp

This neat Tetris block Lamp is a great retro-geek style desk lamp. Basically, it is made of a series of blocks which can be […]

Arcade iPad Game

Arcade iPad game that you can insert your iPad into and use the buttons and joystick to play. This is a very retro, 80′s […]

Designer Pixel Sunglasses

Designer pixel sunglasses for the geeks out there. These make a great item and actually do look really cool, at least in my opinion. […]

Wheel of Fortune Wall Clock

Wheel of Fortune Wall Clock that shows the time as though it were money values on the board from the TV Game Show Wheel […]

Machine Gun Pen

Machine Gun Pen that makes sound effects and functions pretty much as a normal pen. Its basically just a novelty pen but makes a sound resembling […]

Wind Up Pacman and Ghost

Wind Up Pacman and Ghost that I just had to add to my site after seeing the Ghost in the film Wreck It Ralph. […]

Tetris Post It Notes

Tetris Post It Notes where each set of notes is shaped like a block from the retro game Tetris. A great novelty idea sure […]

Batman Cape Socks

These knee-high socks are created in the image of the Batman costume from the old Batman television series. They even feature their own little […]

Space Invaders Bling Necklace

Get your retro, Space Invaders bling with this iced out necklace based on one of the aliens from the popular  but now very old […]

Pixel Sun Glasses

Check out these retro pixel sun glasses which are designed to look like graphics from old video games. The cool thing is that certain […]

Touch-screen Rubiks Cube

A cool variation on an old idea, this touch screen rubik’s cube works similar to how touch screen phones and the like work. Drag […]

Space Invaders Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and Pepper shakers based on the old retro Space Invaders game. These designs are based on the aliens that slowly descend down the […]