Tetris Block Lamp

This neat Tetris block Lamp is a great retro-geek style desk lamp. Basically, it is made of a series of blocks which can be added in any combination and then light up. One of the coolest ideas for a desk lamp ever and great for dorm rooms.

Tetris Block lamp

Each block is made from plastic, which is probably a good thing as the detachable pieces are likely to be dropped every now and then. The frames of each block is metal, which is a nice touch.


  • 7 Interlocking pieces that can be added in any order.
  • Based on the hit retro game Tetris.


Amazon: 4/5

A good product overall, the only real issue with it is that aligning the blocks to get full brightness can occassionally be an issue. This specifically applies to the purple block. Other minor issues include its lack of light and that each block has a focal point behind it which glows brightly an can be seen, thought his is probably to be expected in all fairness and can even be seen from the photograph.

Product Name

Tetris Constructible Desk Lamp Light