Glass Cups with Nodes

These glass cups with nodes stack in such a way that air can get in and dry them out while the water drips out. […]

Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet

Never be without a bottle opener with this fridge magnet bottle opener stuck against your fridge. Take the bottle cap off the moment you […]

Sound Reactive Dancing Foam Fountain

Sound reactive foam fountain that picks up sounds using a microphone and dances to them. It is basically very much like the popular dancing […]

Shot Glass Checkers

Shot glass checkers perfect to get drunk with. Each time someone checks one of your pieces you have to drink it as a shot. […]

Skull Shot Glass

Skull shot glass that looks quite awesome. Basically you fill the skull up and the liquor takes the shape of the skull, creating the […]

LED Light Tray

LED light serving tray great for parties and that sort of thing. It certainly would be great at a rave, particularly if the tray […]

Glow Cube Furniture

Glow cube furniture which is lit by LED lights and includes a remote that you can use to change the colors of the cube. […]

Glow in the Dark Wall Flowers

Glow in the Dark Wall Flowers that also react very nicely to UV lights, giving of a solid glow. Basically these glow in the […]

Feminine Figure Shot Glasses

Feminine figure shot glasses that looks particularly impressive when filled with your drink of choice. While I think the idea with these is that […]

Remote Control LED Candles

Remote Control LED Candles made of real wax but with a color changing LED light within it that can be activated and color changed […]

Glowing LED Light Cups

Glowing LED light cup that can switch colors and even cycle through them. A really cool idea and quite impressive that they only cost […]

Wine Purse

Wine Purse that you can put a wine bag into and carry around like a purse. There is nothing discrete about the item and […]

Flask With Shot Glass

A flask with built in shot glass that compacts itself into a little hole in the side of the flask. A very cool idea […]

Wilton Swirl Cupcake Wrapper

Elegant cupcake wrappers that add a bit of class to your cupcakes. Perfect for parties and events, these cupcake wrappers are all elegant and […]

Acoustic Guitar Ice Cube Tray

Great novelty ice cube trays to liven the mood of a party. The ice cubes from these trays are sure to impress your friends […]

Wine Bra

The WineRack Wine Bra has to be one of the more unique inventions around. The short of it is that it is a bra […]

Remote Controlled Eski

Remote Controlled Eski that you can use to deliver drinks without getting up. It operates just like a remote controlled car but you can […]

Flashing Lights Shot Glass

Flashing Lights Whiskey Glass perfect for parties and New Years events. Basically it is just a plastic cup with some LED lights in the […]

Birthday Girl Shot Glass Necklace

A shot glass necklace for the Birthday Girl. The idea is that when you are going out for your birthday you wear this necklace […]

Easter Island Maoi Stone Heads Ice Cube Tray

These great ice cubes are shaped to resemble the Moai stone heads of Easter Island. The local people of the island built this stones […]

Diamond Ice Cube Tray

This tray allows you to make ice cubes in the shape of diamonds. A simple but very cool concept that is perfect for weddings, […]

Glowing Rim Party Cups

These glowing rim party cups basically work in the same way that glow sticks do, with cleverly placed glow sticks wrapped around the rims. […]

LED Horizontal Bar Sunglasses

Check out these crazy LED Horizontal Bar glasses that will make you the king of the party, or whatever. Basically, the glasses have horizontal […]

Flashing LED Rings

A 12 pack of LED rings that flash. They are a great idea for parties as they not only look pretty good but you […]

Wearable Pocket Plasma

This wearable pocket plasma is a great novelty gift that serves as a nice decoration and also doubles as an item to wear to […]

Ice Cube Hand Guns

We all know and agree that there needs to be more guns in the world, so it only makes sense to start turning water […]

Shotglass Ice Cube Tray

Make your own shot-glasses out of ice or even jolly ranchers with this Cool Shooters shot-glass ice cube tray that allows you to make shotglasses out of ice. […]

Blue LED Shoelaces

Battery powered, LED shoelaces perfect for fun events and parties. Batteries are included, they last for 70 hours and have multiple settings. Overall these […]

Faerie Berry Lights Multi-Colored

Decorate your yard with these fairy berry LED lights. These lights are great for parties and events, not to mention reasonably priced. They come […]