Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener

Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet

Never be without a bottle opener with this fridge magnet bottle opener stuck against your fridge. Take the bottle cap off the moment you draw the beer out of the fridge, very clever and almost an obvious idea really.


  • The magnet beneath is rubber so will not cut or scratch your fridge.
  • The panel on front is stainless steel so will not rust and grips the bottle cap well.
  • A little nook in it fits your bottle head so you can peel the lid off.
  • Hyper strong magnet holds the whole thing in place with enough force that you can crack open bottle caps using it.

Beer Opener Fridge Magnet

Our Review:


The magnet sticks very firmly onto the fridge so it will not peel off when you are opening a bottle with it, definitely a good thing. It holds very nicely against the fridge and yet the rubber beneath prevents it cutting or scratching against it.

The visual design of the item is also very appealing and would work well with basically any color of fridge, but particularly with fridges that have a stainless steel door. The elegance of the design means you can basically just put it onto your fridge and forget about it, which is exactly what you want with this type of thing.

Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener


The only real complaint about this item is that the angle it places the beer or bottle at causes it to spill out once it is opened. Basically it forces you to place the bottle a bit too horizontally and so the contents can fizz up and spill out. Some people have reported this issue and others not, which suggests that the position you place the magnet in counts for a lot.


A quality item great for opening bottles, but depending on how you use it may cause spills.

Product Name:

Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet