Famous Moustaches Mug

The most famous moustaches of all time displayed on this mug. I’ve already spotted Nietzsche on it, I wonder who else will be listed. […]

On/Off Mug

This heat sensitive mug changes its appearance and turns ‘on’ when it is heated up, say by hot water. A fun gimmicky thing to […]

Temperature Sensitive Mug

This mug sleeps when its cold and wakes up when it gets warm. When you add your moring coffee, the heat from the mug […]

Scientific Formulas Mug

A mug decorated with some of the more famous scientific formulas. For the science and maths nerds out there this makes a great gift […]

Knuckle Duster Coffee Mug

A coffee mug with a knuckle duster grip handle. Ever since you were young you have always wanted to mix coffee and fist-fighting, but […]

Maternity Mug

This clever mug is shaped like a pregnant woman with her hands on her back. It is a very clear, elegant design. This makes […]

Shakespearean Insults Coffee Mug

This coffee mug is surrounded by Shakespearean insults and is the perfect gift for English teachers, English literature students or even academics. It mixes […]

Gun Coffee Mug

Awesome, guns and coffee. This gun mug features the back end of a handgun as the handle.