gadgets to cook eggs

Micky Mouse Egg Shaper

Micky mouse egg shaper to pour eggs into and shape them like Micky Mouse’s head. Great to get children who are fussy to eat […]

Squeezable Egg Yolk Cracker

Use this squeezable egg yolk extractor that lets you suck up the yolk of eggs for cooking and such. Basically, you crack the egg […]

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

This breakfast sandwich maker really does it all when it comes to making breakfast sandwiches and muffins. It fries the egg, cooks the meat […]

Heart Egg Shaper

Heart Egg Shaper for your loved ones. Just put it in the cook pan and pour the egg inside, pretty simple idea really but […]

Bread Shaped Egg Shaper

A Bread Shaped Egg Shaper for getting your fried eggs to fit perfectly in your toast. A really neat idea and very cool. Personally, […]

Egg Perfect in Pan Egg Timer

An in pan egg timer which you throw in alongside your boiling eggs and it times the cooking process depending on how you like […]