Breakfast Sandwich Maker

This breakfast sandwich maker really does it all when it comes to making breakfast sandwiches and muffins. It fries the egg, cooks the meat and heats the cheese up. Really cool idea really that you can basically use to make your own McDonald’s style breakfast muffins, though hopefully a bit healthier and ideally cheaper.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

How it basically works is that it has a whole series of little compartments for cookign various things. So there is a compartment for frying an egg, which is above the compartment for cooking the sandwich itself and the egg basically just rests there. Its a very efficient and clever idea, but does require you to really like breakfast sandwiches to make the most of it.

Breakfast Sandwich Cooker

The above picture illustrates the compartments in action, showing where everything roughly goes. It is a pretty neat and clever idea really is it not? The egg layer, also, actually slides out casing the egg itself to fall into the sandwich once it is done.


  • 5 Minute cook time due to how small the cooking area is.
  • Easy cleaning with detachable parts.


Amazon: 3.5/5

SmallApp: 3.5/5

Whenever there is a product being reviewed on sites there is always a mixture of legitimate negative qualities and illegitimate ones. It seems to me with this product that people giving it one star on Amazon are just being silly. It does what it says. There are, however, some legitimate negatives. The circumference of the egg shaper cannot be controlled so the size of the egg compared to the muffins may cause it to overflow. Another problem that has been reported is the machine simply making a mess as the egg overflows, which is definitely not appealing but its hard to tell whether this was user error or a legitimate problem with the device.

Product Name:

Hamilton Beach 25475 Breakfast Sandwich Maker