Minecraft Steve Costume

Minecraft Steve costume that you can use to dress up as a Minecraft character for costume parties and Halloween. The combination includes a foam […]

Minecraft Grass iPhone Case

Minecraft Grass iPhone Case in the shape of a grassy block from the game Minecraft. A great little accessory for fans of the game […]

Minecraft Pickaxe Stylus

Stylus in the shape of a pickaxe from the Minecraft games perfect for playing the mobile version of Minecraft with. You can use the […]

Minecraft Creeper Necklace

Necklace with a Creeper’s head pendant based on the creature from the game Minecraft. A very unique and funny idea perfect for fans of […]

Minecraft Creeper Coffee Mug

Minecraft Creeper Coffee Mug perfect for fans of Minecraft to take tot he office or use for their breakfast coffee. Great for adults and […]

Minecraft Creeper Wallet

Minecraft Creeper wallet perfect for fans of the game Minecraft. The pixelated design on the wallet is basically the face of the most common […]

Minecraft Diamond Earrings

Minecraft diamond earrings that are a precise replica of the image from Minecraft to scale. Each of them is about an inch and made […]

Minecraft Creeper iPhone 5 Case

Minecraft Creeper iPhone 5 Case perfect for fans of the video game Minecraft. In the game creepers are sort of the stock enemy that […]

Real Minecraft Torch

Real Minecraft Torch that is made in the image of the flame torch from the game Minecraft and really does produce light. I just […]

Minecraft Creeper Figurine

A quality, official Minecraft Creeper figurine. These are the enemies in the Minecraft universe, essentially coming out at night time to attack you in […]

Minecraft Diamond Pendant

This pendant designed in the shape of diamonds from the hit game Minecraft is a great gift idea for fans of the games. For […]

Minecraft Note Cube

Paper notes in the form of a Minecraft block of stone (iron I think?), this is a cool gift idea for the desk of […]

Minecraft Foam Sword

Slay those Creepers with this foam Minecraft sword. It has a very high-quality and sturdy build, a great item for Minecraft fans.

Minecraft Pickaxe

The perfect product for the minecraft lover, this is a replica of the pickaxe from the breakout game Minecraft. Despite its foam construction it […]