Text Scanning Pen

Amazing text scanning pen which you can use to scan text in a document and transfer it to a computer. A great gadget for […]

Clip on Cup Holder

Clip this cup holder onto the side of a desk and you can put your coffee or whatever there, conveniently placed both off the […]

Kiss Stamper

Rubber stamper in the shape of a pair of lips kissing that you can use to stamp on paper and such. A great and […]

Cable Organizers

Having problems with cables falling when you remove the connector? Use these cable organizers. They just stick onto your desk or whatever and ¬†you […]

Tetris Post It Notes

Tetris Post It Notes where each set of notes is shaped like a block from the retro game Tetris. A great novelty idea sure […]

Syringe Pens

These syringe pens make a nice gag gift that is also useful for medical, nursing, veterinary and dentistry students and professionals. They are filled […]

USB Keyboard Pranker

This USB Keyboard Pranker enables you to play tricks on your friends and fellow workers by inserting it into their PCs. Once inserted it […]

Pointer Mouse

This mouse is made in the shape of a pointer and makes an interesting gift idea for computer enthusiasts. If you look carefully you […]

Mouse Pointer Note Pad

Notepads shaped like cursors from the Windows operating system. More of a gimmicky gift but they have an added value of being usable as […]

Fridge Locker

Keep your food away from thieves with this fridge locker. Set the combination, put your food inside and no one else can access it. […]

USB Coffee Mug Warmer

Put your cup of coffee or tea on this mug warmer and it will keep your beverage warm. It plugs into the USB ports […]

Minecraft Note Cube

Paper notes in the form of a Minecraft block of stone (iron I think?), this is a cool gift idea for the desk of […]

Fail Stamper

This simple stamper allows you to stamp the word ‘fail’ on basically anything. For fans of sites like FailBlog, this is a great thing […]

No Button

When you press this button it says “No!” using ten different samples of the word. The idea is that you can press it to […]

High Heel Scotch Tape Dispenser

A tape dispenser in the shape of a high heel shoe, this is a great gimmicky gift for the shoe lovers out there and […]

WTF Stamp

Express your confusion clearly for all to read with this great stamp. It can work surprisingly well in a more casual work environment to […]

Desktop Handheld Holder

A desktop handheld holder in the shape of hands. The build itself is high quality and this is a legitimately good item. It can […]

Facebook Like/Dislike Stamps

Show your approval, or disapproval, with these high quality Facebook-style Like/Dislike stamp sets good for 5000 stamps.