Minecraft Steve Costume

Minecraft Steve costume that you can use to dress up as a Minecraft character for costume parties and Halloween. The combination includes a foam […]

Pac-Man Ghost Key Covers

Pac-Man ghost key covers that go over the top of your keys and have a little chain you can use to attach to things […]

Glow in the Dark xBox 360 Controller

Glowing xBox 360 Controller Skin that lights up in the dark so you can see the buttons clearly and find it in a dark […]

Periodic Table Building Blocks

Get these wooden periodic table building blocks for your children to help them get an early start in the sciences or just for the […]

Minecraft Pickaxe Stylus

Stylus in the shape of a pickaxe from the Minecraft games perfect for playing the mobile version of Minecraft with. You can use the […]

Black Playing Cards

Black playing cards that are entirely black, with some areas being lighter to give the cards detail. The design of each of the cards […]

Domo-Kun Toaster

Domo-Kun Toaster that toasts an image of Domo-Kun onto the bread and is just generally cool looking. Basically, Domo-Kun is a kind of Internet sensation and […]

Minecraft Creeper Necklace

Necklace with a Creeper’s head pendant based on the creature from the game Minecraft. A very unique and funny idea perfect for fans of […]

Gollum Mask

Mask that makes the wearer look like Gollum from The Lord of the Rings. It actually looks really close to what Gollum does and […]

Portal Wheatley Keychain Light

Portal Wheatley Keychain Light based on the antagonist from the popular video game Portal 2. In the game Wheatley, pictured below, is basically your […]

Minecraft Creeper Wallet

Minecraft Creeper wallet perfect for fans of the game Minecraft. The pixelated design on the wallet is basically the face of the most common […]

Minecraft Diamond Earrings

Minecraft diamond earrings that are a precise replica of the image from Minecraft to scale. Each of them is about an inch and made […]

Minecraft Creeper iPhone 5 Case

Minecraft Creeper iPhone 5 Case perfect for fans of the video game Minecraft. In the game creepers are sort of the stock enemy that […]

Tetris Block lamp

This neat Tetris block Lamp is a great retro-geek style desk lamp. Basically, it is made of a series of blocks which can be […]

Caffeine Molecule Necklace

A necklace shaped like a caffeine molecule for the coffee lovers out there. This molecule, caffeine, basically mimics the molecular structure of adenonsine but […]

Keyboard Key Cups

Keyboard key cups designed like letters of a keyboard, specifically the ‘ctrl’, ‘alt’ and ‘delete’ keys. They are a nice little idea and despite the gimmicky […]

LOL Stamper

LOL Stamper for stamping the word acronym ‘LOL’ onto stuff. Its just a typical, self-inking stamper that you can use to stamp with to […]

Gaming Groom Wedding Cake Topper

Funny Gaming Groom Wedding Cake Topper that features a groom laying back playing video games on the night of his wedding and a naturally […]

Bowser Slippers

Bowser Slippers in the image of the villain of the Super Mario Brothers series of games. These slippers are a great idea for fans […]

Zelda Link's Hat

Replica of the green hat thing the character Link wears in the Zelda series of video games. This is a great gift idea for […]

Like Button Kitchen Mitt

Like Button Kitchen Mitt based on the like button from Facebook. The mitt is just a general mitt, but the visual design of it […]

Real Minecraft Torch

Real Minecraft Torch that is made in the image of the flame torch from the game Minecraft and really does produce light. I just […]

Halo Energy Sword Replica

Halo Energy Sword Replica for your office, bedroom or house. For those who don’t know, this item is based on the energy sword from […]

Designer Pixel Sunglasses

Designer pixel sunglasses for the geeks out there. These make a great item and actually do look really cool, at least in my opinion. […]

Rage Face Meme

Looking for Meme Face Stickers to buy? This is the ultimate list of Meme Face Stickers available to buy. This list details all the […]

Wind Up Pacman and Ghost

Wind Up Pacman and Ghost that I just had to add to my site after seeing the Ghost in the film Wreck It Ralph. […]

Tetris Post It Notes

Tetris Post It Notes where each set of notes is shaped like a block from the retro game Tetris. A great novelty idea sure […]

Batman Glass with Cape

This item is mostly a silly item but still quite fun. Its a Batman Glass with a fabric cape attached and a decal of […]

Sheldon's Robot Evolution T-Shirt from The Big Bang Theory

The Robot Evolution T-Shirt from The Big Bang Theory which Sheldon wears. The design is made to resemble general Darwinian images that show the […]

Lolguy Face Meme Sticker

Sticker for your car or window in the image of the LOLguy Rage Face meme thing. Its cheap and fairly good with positive reviews […]

Half Life 2 Head Crab Figure

Soft plushie head crab figure from the video game Half Life 2. This looks almost identical to the one in the game and is […]

Dead Space Plasma Cutter Replica

A high quality replica of the Plasma Cutter from Dead Space 2. This item is a great fan item but is definitely quite costly […]

Koopa Shell Bag

Mario Brothers Koopa Shell Bag that makes  a great Christmas or Birthday gift for fans of the Super Mario Brothers games or even just […]

Batman Cape Socks

These knee-high socks are created in the image of the Batman costume from the old Batman television series. They even feature their own little […]

Syringe Pens

These syringe pens make a nice gag gift that is also useful for medical, nursing, veterinary and dentistry students and professionals. They are filled […]

Portal 2 P-body Portal Gun Replica

While this Portal 2 P-body Portal Gun replica obviously does not actually function it definitely gives all the appearance of being able to do […]

Isaac Newton Bobblehead

Every science geek needs an Isaac Newton Bobblehead for their car. It is the new requirement for your motor vehicle or you simply are […]

Goomba Plushie

Plushie based on the Goomba enemies from the Super Mario Brothers series of video games. It makes a great collectors item for children and […]

Pointer Mouse

This mouse is made in the shape of a pointer and makes an interesting gift idea for computer enthusiasts. If you look carefully you […]

Periodic Table Clock

This periodic table clock functions just as any other clock except instead of numbers it has the symbol of the atom which has an […]