Glowing xBox 360 Controller Skin

Glowing xBox 360 Controller Skin that lights up in the dark so you can see the buttons clearly and find it in a dark room, which many of us gamer types often play in.

Glow in the Dark xBox 360 Controller


  • Wraps easily around your controller.
  • Recharges using energy from lights and such.
  • Protects your controller from scratches and the like.
  • Washable so you can get food and such off it.
  • Enough room around the joysticks for mods (you cheater!).


Amazon: 4/5

The best thing about this controller skin is that it is just a good and reasonably priced item at just a little over $5. You basically just slip it on over your typical xBox 360 controller and it then glows in the dark. The fit itself is quite tight and feels very good to hold with the right texture to make it neither slippery nor sticky.

The main problem people seem to have had with the skin is that it does not always glow. The thing to understand here is that any glowing product needs to recharge so if it is left in a dark room all day then it simply will not have recharged enough to glow well at night. If, on the other hand, you actually open your curtains during the day or leave the light on then it will be much more likely to glow throughout the night.

Overall: 4/5

Product Name:

Green Glow Xbox 360 Game Controller Silicone Case Skin Protector Cover