Portal Wheatley Keychain Light

Portal Wheatley Keychain Light based on the antagonist from the popular video game Portal 2. In the game Wheatley, pictured below, is basically your companion when you play the game and is quite annoying character voiced by Stephen Merchant. While not quite as popular as the wonderfully passive aggressive Glados, Wheatley was still a cool character. This light is just a keychain light based on the character, which will stand out to Portal fans.

Portal Wheatley Keychain Light


  • Nice bright light.
  • Movable arms, which move in the game when Wheatley talks.
  • Fits comfortably in your pocket as it is quite a small item.
  • Batteries included.


Amazon: 4/5

This item is really a fairly simple item and while it does what it says it does, and hence as a strong review score, it would have been nice if it had af ew additional features. Particularly some little speakers with some of Stephen Merchant’s voice work. A few of Wheatley’s better quotes really would have made this item a clear 5/5 item.

Overall: 4/5

Product Name:

Portal Wheatley LED Flashlight