Koopa Shell Bag

Mario Brothers Koopa Shell Bag that makes  a great Christmas or Birthday gift for fans of the Super Mario Brothers games or even just general Nintendo and gaming fans.

Koopa Shell Bag

Even the underside is decorated in the very same type of patterns that the Koopa Shells are in the games, which is pretty impressive attention to detail.

Koopa Shell Bag Straps

The item is based on the Koopa Troopers shell back as illustrated below. They are a common enemy in the Mario Brothers series, sort of one of the lower rung creatures, and have existed in gaming for well over a decade. As a result they have grown a kind of sentimental value, so this item is even good for older games as a gimmicky toy.

Koopa Trooper

The only problem with the item is that there is limited space due to the stuffing to make it look good. Its not a major issue though because you probably should not be loading your bag too full anyway.