Wooden Periodic Table Blocks

Get these wooden periodic table building blocks for your children to help them get an early start in the sciences or just for the fun value. They also make a great gift idea for people far too old to be playing with building blocks, as they set about creating their favorite molecules.

Periodic Table Building Blocks


  • Solid wood building blocks with elements printed on them.
  • Comes in a set of 20 blocks, each of which is about one and a half inches squared.
  • Manufactured by Uncle Goose which is a reputable children’s blocks company. In short: they are safe.


Amazon: 5/5

There are some ideas that seem so obvious after you have seen them and these building blocks are a great example. In hindsight they are quite an obvious idea. Certainly great for introducing your children early to the periodic table and also as a fun gift for science lovers.

The build quality of the blocks is another selling point with each of them being solid wood and the printing on the blocks of the elements neat and quite colorful. Basically, they are made by the company Uncle Goose which has been in the business of making blocks like this for quite a long time.

With an item like this it honestly is quite hard to find any negative. The price is fair for blocks that are solid wood, the printing on them is nice and they have a nice educational value to boot. The only thing I could even suggest is bad about them is that they might be pushing scientific achievement on children too early and in a kind of ‘over-parenting’ way. However, this is really only a complaint about specific parenting styles rather than about the blocks themselves.

I guess another potential criticism could be that they are not necessarily the best way to learn about chemistry as building blocks based more closely on the ball-and-stick style used by chemists, particularly organic chemists, perhaps being a superior early introductory toy to chemistry. hardly a major criticism of the item though.

In short the blocks are a nice product and a great buy.

Overall: 5/5

Product Name:

Periodic Table Building Blocks