Black Playing Cards

Black playing cards that are entirely black, with some areas being lighter to give the cards detail. The design of each of the cards is also futuristic and polygonal, having the appearance of 3D computer models before they are textured. A very unique and curious set of playing cards.

Black Playing Cards


  • Futuristic design with very unique joker, jack, king and queen cards.
  • Quite plastic-y, which is bad in some cases but good if you happen to spill something on the cards as it will be unlikely to set in.
  • A unique gift for card enthusiasts and gamblers.


Amazon: 4/5

These cards have received quite positive reviews overall and it is no doubt due to the eye-catching and interesting design of them. Really, they do stand out and will make for an interesting change to a poker night. They somehow feel to me to be the ideal gamer cards, or close to it, with the polygon designs.

The very concept of black-on-black playing cards, though novel, is a bit problematic and so I have docked the product half a point. Overall this is not a big issue as it is a bit of a gimmick product anyway and based on the pictures most people interested in it will buy or not buy it.

Overall: 3.5/5

Product Name:

Black Playing Cards