Portal 2 P-body Portal Gun

While this Portal 2 P-body Portal Gun replica obviously does not actually function it definitely gives all the appearance of being able to do so. It looks near identical to the one from the game, this particular variation used in the co-operative version of the game.

Portal 2 P-body Portal Gun Replica

This replica is powered by batteries and features orange and red LED lights that function much like the one from the game. It also emits sound effects taken from the game and otherwise functions exactly like the portal gun from co-op game-play in Portal 2, sans the actual teleportation unfortunately.

Portal 2 Coop Portal Device Replica Profile

It is fairly expensive, but it is worth noting that this is really a quality item that you can keep on display rather than something you really play in the yard with (though you can I guess). Overall a nice replica item worth considering for major fans of the game, if it is not already sold out completely.