Keyboard Key Cup Set

Keyboard key cups designed like letters of a keyboard, specifically the ‘ctrl’, ‘alt’ and ‘delete’ keys. They are a nice little idea and despite the gimmicky premise they are actually quite a classy design. Perfect gift item for web designers, developers, programmers and anyone who spends time around their computer drinking coffee. They are simply the quintessential coffee cup for your computer desk.

Keyboard Key Cups

While they look a bit ceramic they are in fact constructed out of plastic. The inside of each cup is white and the outside black.

Ctrl Alt Delete Cups

For those that do not know the significance of this key combination, pressing control-alt-delete has historically been associated with resetting or shutting down programs in frustration. So the particular choice of those three keys is something of a joke.


  • Authentic style with tactile bumps on the bottom of each key cup.
  • Tray included with circuit board etching, as though they are real keys on the keyboards circuit board. Clever.


Amazon: 4/5

Product name:

Ctrl-Alt-Delete CUP SET