Green Glow in the Dark Paint

Green glow in the dark paint that you can paint onto most any surface including metal surfacers. Its functional use is to paint dangerous areas so that even if there is no light you can see them, for example you can paint metal lines and wires with it. Its fun use is just to paint random stuff with it.

Green Glow in the Dark Paint


  • Water-based acrylic paint.
  • The paint has the highest brightness rating available for glow in the dark paints.
  • The glow basically lasts for a lifetime.
  • Glows when charged by normal house lights, but glows best with sunlight, UV lights or high powered lights.
  • Dries to be quite clear.
  • Comes off with the application of soap and water combined with a bit of scrubbing.


Amazon: 4/5

This paint is perfect for those looking to paint stars on their ceiling as it is very bright and dries clear. However there are plenty of other uses such as people painting doorknobs with it so they can find their doors at night or even painting gun sights using it so they glow during the night. It actually is a really good product with a strong positive rating on Amazon after over a hundred reviews. Another potential application is to paint light switches with it so they glow at night and you can find them. People basically use it to paint anything short of skin or hair.

The main negative reviews seem to be people complaining that it does not glow well when applied to items such as pots or cement. Yet others report far more positive results painting the very same type of object which leads me to believe that the people giving negative review either received a bad batch or did not paint it on heavily enough.

The short version is that it is a very nice item for painting objects with so they glow in the dark with only a small amount of people having issues.

Overall: 4/5

Product Name:

Ultra Green Glow in the Dark Paint