USB Keyboard Pranker

This USB Keyboard Pranker enables you to play tricks on your friends and fellow workers by inserting it into their PCs. Once inserted it begins to cause problems for them by creating fake key movements that you can choose from on the side of the USB device.

USB Keyboard Pranker

The problems it causes include:

  • Randomly enabling Caps Lock
  • Typing random garbage suddenly
  • Moving the mouse cursor
While it is a long way away from April Fool’s Day, this is still a cool idea and something worth considering to play jokes on those around you. It also has a scroll wheel that defines the duration between each prank, so you can make it very subtle.

USB Phantom Case

The item itself is high quality and works by simply being a second keyboard. Those that have used a laptop will be aware of the frustration when you have both your Mouse andĀ Touch PadĀ enabled, resulting in random weirdness while typing. This device basically just works on the same principle as that, by essentially being a second set of peripherals in its own right.

Extra: For those interested in adding another computer prank to this one to really seal the deal you might consider trying the follow. First, go to the desktop and press Print Screen so that you get a picture of it. Go to image software, for example paint, and press CTRL-V to paste that screen into the program and then save it as the background image for the computer. Next, lower the task bar at the bottom of the screen. What this does is creates a fake task bar which is actually the background picture. When the person using the computer tries to use it they will not be able to because it is an image, yet it will appear as though it is there. Combine this prank with the USB Keyboard Pranker for the ultimate computer prank.